Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 30 Not Romantic At All

Joan's fingers were cold. When he held them in his hand, he calmed her down. "Joan is very tolerant.
She didn't let the divorce lawyer handle the case. You just threw her out of the house without letting
anyone know. You cheated on her!"

Wonderful! That's wonderful! Journalists turned on the recording secretly and moved to the nearest
position between the two people. The battle of words was no less eye-catching than investigating in the
battlefield. Wonderful.

"It's a pity that my man accidentally found out your and Miss Bai's flight records. And your hotel
records, which were so coincidental, showed that you were still in a legitimate relationship with Miss
Gu. So many people are watching. Don't tell everyone that you and Miss Bai were just drinking tea and
talking about life that night."

The reporters were in an uproar. Previously, the daughter of Gu family, a socialite in S City, was known
to the public because of jealousy. They followed the gossip and misunderstood that a lady and her
husband had an affair. As a result, she accidentally pushed a person down the stairs because of a few

Then, Scott looked sad and dejected in front of the cameras, and he seemed to be thinner and thinner,
which attracted a lot of people's attention.

They thought about it more carefully. Rich young ladies must be spoiled and delicate. People thought it
was good for her to experience life in prison, so the public opinions were on the side of Scott.

However, at his wedding today, Darren directly pointed at his past and unmasked him. Although Darren
was thoroughly devoid of any evidence, he seldom meddled in other people's matters and he was
famous for his flawless behavior. Thus, he would not make up the story.

He added something more.

"Scott, if I were you, I would be smart and not make myself too embarrassed," Darren said

Jean panicked. In this play she always acted as a delicate and pitiful victim. If Jean was proved to be a
mistress who destroyed a good marriage regardless of the cost of losing face, she would have a hard
time in the future.

All her efforts would be in vain. She won the championship of the design competition, and she was
called as the pure and beautiful designer. Nobody could cover her up anymore.

She kicked Scott with her high heels. Their smile froze on their faces for a long time. She wanted to
show them a mirror to let them see how ugly her smile was.

"Mr. Lu, why did you say that? It must be our fault for not having treated you well." He tried to hold his
shoulder in a friendly manner, but Darren subtly avoided him and passed him. With his hand still
holding Joan's, he went to meet other business partners.

And he also took her into the upper class circles again. She was an angel who had accidentally fell into
the world. He knew that he should take her back to the place where she was supposed to belong.

"Miss Gu, when I saw you last time, you were still so young." A man of her father's age gestured at the
height of his waist, and Joan smiled sweetly.

Uncle Fred was there as well. He was relieved to see Joan and Darren together. "Joan, your dad will
be very happy to see you this," he said.

Shelly behind him greeted her warmly under the hem of her dress. Joan smiled back at her.

It was a harmonious and nice scene. When Darren saw Joan sneaked with desserts and ate them with
Shelly, like a mouse, he showed a satisfied smile.

Joan was only a child inside her. All of this was too weak for her to bear.

The Maybach was parked in front of his apartment's building. Then, Darren handed the car key to her.

His silvery Bentley was blocked on the way. He looked at Joan who was in a daze, "Now it's yours."

The key was delicate, shining in her hands. It was heavy. Joan knew that she had gained a lot of help
from Darren. She had already lived in this small apartment. If she accepted another luxury car, she was
afraid that she would never be able to repay him in the rest of her life.

"I don't need it. I can go to work and I don't need it at all."

She was telling the truth. If she drove such a good car to go to work, it would cost more money. She
was no longer the rich young lady as she used to be. She couldn't drive his car and asked him to pay
for the gas..

It seemed that Darren had already expected that she would refuse. He just waved his hand and said,
"Then you can park it downstairs here. I have no place to store it."

Finding no place to place them? What a lame excuse! When Joan wanted to say something, Selina
had opened the door of the Bentley in respect and took Darren away.

Although others didn't know the truth, Selina had seen it very clearly. As a subordinate, she shouldn't
meddle in other people's business. She just wanted to remind the dull Miss Gu, that was how their
president Lu showed his complicated emotion.

He was so cool even when he gave her the present. He even didn't say anything soft to make her think.
No wonder the girl didn't understand him. She turned her head and asked, "Mr. Lu, should we go home
now or anywhere else?"

He must be very tired now. Selina knew he went to the wedding for Joan. In her impression, he would
never go to a gathering of his companions, let alone to attend a boring wedding. He had accompanied

Joan there because he didn't want her to do anything on impulse. He didn't want to see her get hurt

"Go to the company."

He tried his best to cheer himself up and found a comfortable posture to sit up. Selina had never
doubted his decision, but she could not help gently persuading him when she saw him exhausted
today, "Mr. Lu, you'd better go home first and deal with it tomorrow."

"I don't want to have any regret." It seemed that he was answering Selina's question or murmuring to
himself. Selina didn't hear it clearly and asked him instead.

However, Darren turned around and regained his calm. "How long have you been with me? You should
know what you should say and what you shouldn't say. "

Selina shut her mouth tight. Then, Darren added, "Go to the company and prepare for me the list of
projects regarding the Jian Company's recent participation. Tonight!"

That was to say, she was destined to stay overnight at the company, but she had to be energetic and
promise readily.

The news of Scott's wedding took an unnoticeable corner. The most eye-catching headline was the
smiling face of Joan and Darren.

It read: "Commercial tycoon in S City Mr. Lu attended the wedding of Scott with his wife-to-be." In the
report Darren and Joan were especially admired, which had overshadowed Jean's charm.

The newspaper was torn into two parts. Jean was so angry that she didn't sleep well all night. The
romantic wedding night became a quarrel between them.

The fire had not been extinguished at all last night, and today's newspapers had once again been the

"Joan, Joan. Where can you find my picture and my introduction in this newspaper! Didn't you say that
you would hold a world-class wedding for me? And you also told me to invite Joan to come, making her
run away in frustration. What about now? " She kept punching Scott on his shoulder and chest.

In fact, he didn't care who Joan would come with. He was not afraid of anyone at all. Now that he really
got involved with Darren, a person that he couldn't afford to offend. Even if Jean had turned the house
upside down, it was still a trial that he could not change.

Therefore, he lied, "I explained to you last night. I didn't know she and

Darren are serious. I thought she was trying to irritate me. Moreover, how could Darren agree to act
with her? This is impossible!"

What he said was half true. Darren usually would not do this.

However, since he met this woman who cried while holding his trousers at a rainy night, everything was

Seeing that the wedding was messed up, Jean didn't give up easily. Although it was not easy for Scott
to take her out on holiday, she was not in the mood to go out.

"It's not funny at all. I can't even play at the thought of that Joan has lived such a happier life than me."
However, she knew clearly that no matter how expensive Scott's clothes was, he couldn't compare with
Darren. Darren was charming even when he took out his wallet or flicked ash.

"Are you sure?" His temper could allow Jean to lose temper several times. He was so angry that he
had no mood to coax her like comforting a child.

In the past, whenever she made a fuss, he would give in and satisfy all her requests. Thus, Jean didn't
expect that he would be really angry. With a pout, she sat on the sofa, crossed her arms over her
shoulder and turned her back at him, and said, "No, I won't go! Not in the mood! "

"Good." As soon as he finished his words, Scott stayed quiet for a long while. Seeing that, Jean could
not help but want to turn back to see what he was doing, but she heard a sudden sound of "bang".

Scott grabbed his coat and ran out of the door.

As the daughter-in-law of the Jian family, Jean was not very happy on her wedding night. The two were
lying on the bed with their minds wandering around on their wedding night. On the second day, Jean
was supposed to either take Scott home to see his mother-in-law, or go on a honeymoon. She only
complained a few words and acted grumpily. It was as normal as usual. He could just coax her.
However, she didn't expect that Scott would took it seriously.

She walked upstairs to call him back. She had booked the sea view room for in Sri Lanka. She couldn't
let such a trifle ruin her plan.

In order to have a wonderful trip, she had bought a lot of new clothes which were suitable for taking


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