Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 21 She Is Cinderella

Almost all people in the office building dispersed. She looked out at the darkness outside the window
and stood up, ready to leave.

She didn't know why he could always dig out the last wound she wanted to cover in a few words even
though she didn't want to have a tit for tat quarrel with Darren. Maybe it was because Scott had hurt
her too much that the old Joan became what she was now.

She was sensitive, sharp and unreasonable.

He would definitely not take her out for today's date. Darren must have been pissed off by her words.
He would never take her out for clothes. She rubbed her empty stomach and was ready to go home for
instant noodles.

"It's only been a while. Are you getting impatient now?" The door of the elevator opened slowly. Darren
in black walked out slowly. "You wear this to attend my grandfather's birthday party. Guess will

you be thrown out?"

Joan and Darren walked out of the house one after the other. Joan was not used to him driving in

Boss should always sit in the back. When a person was living under an eaves, he must have a sense
of propriety to a boss. So Joan said, "How about I drive the car?"

"You drive? Are you jealous of me? Are you going to drive my car into the moat to kill me? "

It was fine if he didn't appreciate it. But was it necessary to look down upon her so much? Joan was too
angry to talk. She fastened her seat belt, as if she were pulling at an enemy's braid.

Originally, she still had a little guilty in her heart. She was afraid that it would cost him too much money.
And this time there was no guilty in her heart. She got out of the car and slammed the door hard. She
just regretted that she didn't wear high heels. Otherwise, she could kick the car with her feet. She only
hoped that the car's paint had been scratched a little.

After locking the car, he went to Joan and propped up his arm. "Come on, Mrs. Lu."

The Gu family was not a small and inexperienced family. Back then, she was also a rich and upper
class lady. She often came to a luxurious shopping mall with three or two friends and bought a lot. As
soon as she entered the shopping mall, she felt shy and drew back her hand, but it was firmly held by

"What's wrong, Miss Gu? You don't fear anything, do you? Why are you afraid of buying a dress

She snorted for a while and said, "I don't want others to laugh at you."

Darren Lu was shocked by her words. He felt that this girl's heart was kind beyond his cognition. In so
many years, he had seen countless women, but none of them was so kind as to give so much thought
for others.

He said in a soft voice, "Nobody dares to look down upon my girlfriend." His right hand covered the
back of Joan's hand, which was attached to his left elbow. They looked as determined as an intimate

They just walked by a few shops, but Joan noticed that all the shop assistants widened their eyes in
surprise. The last time Darren came here was five years ago, and the one standing next to him at that
time was not her.

Since the reports on him were published on newspapers and media, the rest of his personal life had
been handed over to his assistant. He never came in person, because his size, color and style had
given to her assistant.

They shifted their eyes from Darren to Joan. This woman was wearing jeans and sneakers, which were
even less expensive than the work clothes they wore. Why could she be loved by Darren?

"Did you change your taste, Master Lu?" The clerk of a boutique and the cashier were whispering to
each other, glancing at them.

"Who knows how she made it? There were always shows of sparrow turning into a phoenix and
Cinderella meeting prince charming on TV recently. This girl has learned that technique, and she is
very capable."

The woman showed a twist of her red lips and said with jealousy, "She's just so so."

Standing next to him, Joan acted as if she were his timid wife. After all, she didn't buy them with her
money, so it was certain that she was lack of confidence. When entering the shop, Darren didn't like to
listen to the introduction of the salesman. He was very conceited and believed in his taste, and he
wouldn't easily believe in other people's recommendations.

So the saleswomen all kept their mouths shut, only revealing eight of their teeth and wearing a
standard smile. Darren didn't like to talk too much, and they were happy to have nothing to do but
watch his handsome face.

He looked around and decided a water green fishtail skirt. Then he pointed at it and patted Joan,
whose palms were sweating slightly.

"Honey, go and try that one."

His voice was as sweet as honey. Joan smiled and followed the saleslady to change clothes.

Darren sat on the sofa next to the change room. He touched on several clothes with his fingers, and
the girls didn't dare to neglect the local tycoon. They cheerfully took the clothes he pointed at and put
them aside.

The aquamarine hemline and diamond encrusted neckline wrapped her waist perfectly. Joan was in a
good mood when she walked out of the fitting room and stood in front of Darren. Her eyes lit up when
she saw herself in the mirror.

"Is it beautiful?" Her eyes were in the shape of a crescent. It was the first time that she had laughed so
happily since they met.

She turned around but accidentally stepped on the hemline of her dress. As a result, she lost her
center of gravity and fell back. A saleslady near her screamed, but it was too late to support her.

However, she didn't feel the pain as she expected. She didn't fall into the ground but was held into a
man's arms with a light lemon tobacco smell. At the same time, Darren caught hold of her and looked
down at her silently.

"So active and so dumb. How old are you, Mrs. Lu?"

She saw the jeer in the corner of his eyes. She hooked his neck with great strength to stand straight,
but the hands around her waist did not loosen.

He got close to her ear and whispered, "you are too thin. A woman with breasts and butt will look pretty
in a gown."

Screw you! She pushed him away heavily and kept some distance from him. He was really so
annoying. Was this a sentence of concern? Or he was making fun of her? Her face blushed. She didn't

want to be laughed at.

The breathtaking scene convinced the salesman that Joan was not a common woman.

"Miss Lu, Mr. Lu picked these for you when you were changing your clothes. Let me take you to the
dressing room.."

So many pajamas. When she touched the smooth fabric, she whispered in his ear, "Just one piece is

"There will be many banquets like this in the future. Are you going to wear this one wherever you


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