Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 27 He Is Very Important To You

"Linda! What's wrong with you? "

She felt warm in her heart when she saw her best friend. She roughly told her the story, and said
dejectedly, "I wanted to give you a surprise, but I screwed it up. They looked down upon me."

Joan could tolerate it when she got wronged. But when she saw her friend being wronged, she was
boiling with rage. She wanted to say something. Suddenly, she found the crowd quiet.

"What are you quarreling for?" He put his hands on her shoulders and asked, "Joan, what happened?"

"Darren, this is my friend. Do you remember the last time I replaced her to interview you?"

He did have some impression with short hair and a fat face. "Of course."

"She is my best friend. She got me a big bonus because of an interview. And she wanted to buy me a
silk scarf." Looking at the saleslady who was almost crawling over the floor, Joan continued, "But this
lady seems to look down upon people."

Darren smiled, picked up two of the most expensive silk scarfs, and walked past the clerk to the cashier


She stood on the stage with his elbow as he spoke in a condescending manner.

He gave one box to Joan and the other to Linda. With a warm smile, he took out his phone and dialed a

The phone was connected very quickly, without a minute's delay. The voice on the other end of the
phone was respectful, as if she was bowing and pleasing him across the phone.

"Mr. Li, you're doing a good job." With one hand, he gently opened and closed the silk scarf box, and
with the other hand clicking at the back of the phone case.

"Thanks to you. I leave the VIP gold card for the next season of the mall with the number ranked first.
We... " Before he could finish his sentence, Darren interrupted her ruthlessly.

The girl broke out into a sweat. The beads of white powder curled up on her cheeks. "Mr. Li, you're
becoming more and more smart. Even the salesperson you hired are all cleverer than you are. We
can't afford to offend them."

As soon as Mr. Lu said it, Mr. Li understood. He said, "I know what you mean. Just tell me which shop
assistant you met and I will teach her a lesson. I will pay all the things you bought here today with my
account. Don't get angry with me."

He didn't want to waste more time, so he gave the phone to that girl. It seemed to be a lightning to her.
The woman pleaded in a tearful voice after she hung up the phone.

For her, what she lost was not only a job, but also an opportunity to find a job.

Even though Linda didn't intend to forgive her, her heart was softened by this. "Mr. Lu, give her a
break." The plain expression on Joan's face made Darren's heart skip a beat. He didn't know since
when he cared about her feelings very much.

"Forget it." Joan reached out and held Linda in her arms. "You can leave now. But remember, don't act
like a snob."

The crowd had almost dispersed. Joan grabbed Linda's hand and said, "Let's go eat."

Looking into his half smiling eyes, Linda stuck out her tongue and grabbed Joan by the arm.

"Mr. Lu, could I borrow your Joan? I'll return her to you in ten minutes."

Darren nodded and said, "Then I'll wait you in the car outside."

She grabbed Joan's hand and pressed her against the chair as she said, "Okay. I wondered why I
haven't heard anything from you after your father's death. It turns out you are with Mr. Lu." She held her
head high and said, "I will see what that scumbag will do to hurt you this time. He is really out of league
as compared with Mr. Lu."

She reached to cover Linda's mouth and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Darren and I are not what you
think. I am just an excuse for him to stay away from others."

There was a tacit understanding between them at the beginning. They had their own freedom. In the
eyes of outsiders, they were a great couple, but only they knew that it was not like this.

Waving her hand, Linda said, "It's a lie. Only a fool like you would believe it. I want to ask you who he
is. If he wants a nominal girlfriend, he can ask anyone he wants. I'm afraid that the line could be
ridiculously long. Why did he choose you?"

Tabitha was too shocked to respond. "Since he chose you, he must admit that you are different in his
heart. At least, he thinks you are more attractive than other women," Linda said.

Now that he brought her here, showed up in public and helped her out several times, and cared about
her so much, she was sure that he loved her.

On their way to the venue, Joan didn't feel relieved. It seemed to her that Darren was interested in her?

The driver opened the door of the restaurant for them.

"What are you thinking about?" Darren had already got out of the car, but she was still in a daze in the
car. She staggered out of the car and fell into his arms by accident when she stepped on the corner of
her dress.

It was so embarrassing. He had hugged her twice a day! The driver withdrew in the car consciously
and pretended that he couldn't see anything.

"Woman, are you flirting with me?" His lips were with a trace of playfulness, and his tone returned to
the charm in the hotel room that day.

Joan immediately stood firmly. Who wanted to seduce him? She dragged the corner of her dress and
walked forward, deliberately keeping a distance from him.

The greeter waiting for the guests at the entrance of the restaurant had never seen any one who
walked so quickly as if he was going to fight. When they were about to chase and stop her, a familiar
figure entered the entrance.

"Mr. Lu." He bowed 90 degrees respectfully and asked him, "Are you going to your usual private room
upstairs?" As he wanted to greet Darren, he was distracted and her figure was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of answering him immediately, Darren walked past the fountain of the hotel lobby and went to
the elevator.

The little woman was looking at her face again and again through the shiny elevator door. "Why are
you hiding here?" He caught Joan out, and then said to the waiter who was surprised.

"The old place. Bring me the menu and let my wife order."

Wife? Please forgive him for his ignorance of TV. Last time when he came here, he had no agreement
about the other half, but the most-said explanation was that Zoey would soon marry into his family.

But today, Joan showed up in his life whom he had never seen before.

The decoration of the upscale hotel was extravagant. The respectful waiter served the gold rimmed
menu. Everything in the menu was luxurious.

After ordering, Joan looked around and observed the decoration.

Three years, at least three years. She was isolated from the upper class, and her impression of the
extravagant dinner of this kind still lingered when she first met Scott.

It was a party, held by famous business tycoons in the city with their families. They said they met each
other to enhance their relationship, but their purposes were to unite by offspring's marriage and reach
the goal of two business groups hand in hand.

It was at that time when she met the eldest son of the Jian Company, and it seemed that his courtesy
to her at the banquet had exceeded the maximum limit she knew. When she got home, she told her
father that she liked the little boy Scott.

"Recently, you seem to be always absent-minded." Even though she was not his girlfriend, she always
looked preoccupied when she was with him, which made him feel uncomfortable. "What are you
thinking about?"

There was nothing to hide. Joan told the truth.

"I've thought of the wrong person."

The atmosphere suddenly changed, but Joan, who was still immersed in her own world, did not notice
it at all. Although he was now indifferent to her, the good past really existed.

She was not a saint, and she had not suffered from car accident, memory loss and so on. So she could
not forget it for a while.

"What are you thinking about him?" His tone was full of obvious hostility.

The first time they met, the engagement party and the wedding ceremony all seemed to go smoothly.
At their engagement party, the place was as beautiful as a crystal palace. At that time, she was as
happy as a princess to wait for the prince's kiss.

Before she could get out of the illusion, she was grabbed tightly at the back of her head, and a kiss fell
on her lips. She opened her eyes in surprise, pushing the man in front of her with her hands.

His lips and tongue didn't relax at all, and only slight sounds could be heard from her sealed mouth.
Instead of sucking, he gradually started to bite her. There was a faint fragrance of mint in his mouth.
For some reason, this kiss did not make her so disgusted.

Finally, when he released her, Darren took a few breaths, seeming to ease his emotions just now. He
replied to his seat as if nothing had happened, and regained his cold demeanor.

"This time, you will not remember that man." Then he wiped his mouth and let the waiter waiting at the
door in.

"Let's eat." Each plate was placed in front of Joan in the same way. Each one was so delicate that she
didn't know where to put her chopsticks to not break this art.

The passionate kisses seemed to be still burning in the air. Joan lowered her head to eat without a
word. Darren said first, "Do you know why I took you here for dinner today?"

"Just to make it up to me." She said gently. It was his mother and his pursuers who made her suffer, so
he invited her to dinner to make amends.

Obviously, the man stunned for a moment. When did he ever make an apology to anyone? Moreover,
he did find that he really had a deep affection for this woman during these days. Those difficulties didn't
come from nowhere.

He smiled in an almost invisible way. "Our group competed to win a piece of land from the government.
This land will be constructed as an activity center, and you will be completely in charge of planning,
design and other related matters. Today is a good day to celebrate for you. "

For many years, the Lu group had never been involved in the low-income bidding meeting held by the
government. It was a well-known job with little profit.


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