Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 36 Mrs. Lu (Part One)

"HY Real Estate?" After racking his brain for a while, Darren asked, "Yes, I remember Mr. Li? I have
never mentioned anything to him, nor have I made any promise to him in business. Do you mean that
Mr. Li was hired by me? But where does it come from? "

She was chewing the food in her mouth and looking at the back of Darren. When he took her to his
grandfather's birthday party, she saw the expression of his family when they saw her. She knew that he
must have a story.

However, she had agreed to go with him at that time. Being his girlfriend was only a temporary
measure. Her most important goal was to find out the person who made the bankruptcy of Gu
Company. She was not interested in anything else.

But today, as she looked at the back of Darren, she began to become curious about the man. What
was his secret? And what she saw was true of Darren.

She lowered her head and ate the food that was almost cold. She had spent a lot of effort in
persuading Mr. Lu to this restaurant today. First, she tried to recommend the taste of this restaurant,
and then encouraged him to more inspect the "ordinary life".

She was in a bad mood when he called someone while eating. The fish in the middle was stirred up by
her chopsticks deliberately.

"Let's see how you can eat after you come back!"

Her voice was full of mischief, which was in sharp contrast to the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant.

Every word Darren said was like digging innumerable traps, waiting for you to fall into accidentally, and
then he will directly cover you with soil and built the stela.

"Scott, what a coincidence tonight!" He rudely interrupted him. The restaurant was less expensive than
those big restaurants he went, and there were sofas on the ground for them to smoke or make a phone
call to have a rest. He was standing at the door, with people coming and going, which made him very

In particular, he frowned tightly when a few drunk people blew wildly and squeezed past him. Joan,
who was making a face at him. He staring at Joan to vent his anger!

He had to interrupt him, "I have to have dinner with my girlfriend tonight. I have left the table for too
long. I'm afraid that she'll be worried."

His girlfriend was his Joan. Of course, Scott knew about it.

"What are you laughing at?" When he came back, Tabitha giggled. She began to look around the table,
making all the dishes a mess, In particular, the steamed fish in the middle was mixed with fish and fish
bones, which seemed that he had no appetite at all.

She did it on purpose! He glared at her. But it was not that easy to win him merely by virtue of these.
He noticed that Joan picked up a piece of lotus root and hit her bone with his chopsticks. The root fell
back before it could leave the plate.

As if she had been through a lot, her eyes were already full of tears. She raised her head and looked at
her father. Her mother, Donna, was just pretending to be hurt as if she had been through a lot of pain.
Having been standing on the phone for a long time, and eating the food, she was already hungry at
night. So no matter what restaurant they were now, she decided to eat first.

Not to mention who said that it was a great ability to eat food gracefully in a small restaurant.

At the thought of this, Darren rolled up the sleeves of Armani and wolfed it down.

"What have you eaten! Do you know what gentleman's manner is? Do you know lady first? " Noticing
that her battered body trick was not paid any attention to by this hateful man in front of her, Joan
decided not to pretend to be pitiful anymore. She was worried about the food at all. If she acted
coquettishly for a while, Darren was about to eat up.

She paid for the meal. She was unwilling to order more since she didn't have enough money.

Without even raising his eyelids, Darren continued, "Didn't you enjoy the delicious food when I was on
the phone? Aren't you full? "

"I flipped the fish over with my chopsticks and touched it with my saliva! Disgusting! " She tried her best
to gesture it, to show how bad it was.

Unexpectedly, Darren stopped eating. Looking at her masterpiece, he said casually which almost
choked Joan, who was drinking water.

"I have seen your body. There is no need to be afraid of saliva," Darren said.

Joan swore to herself that the stern looking man must be a man who fooled others with his righteous
appearance! He was a real hooligan! Hooligan!

She picked up another bamboo shoot, peeling layer by layer. The tender shoot in her hand was taken
away by a pair of big hands.

"Mine! That's mine! It took me a long time to peel it! " She wouldn't tolerate someone who took her
delicious food! "Give me! Or your clothes will be taken away! "

She pretended to put her oily hand on his clothes which was as expensive as her one year salary.

"Here you are." He licked it. It was indeed a wonderful restaurant. He had to try more restaurants like
this in the future.

Witnessing Darren's bamboo shoots in her plate, Joan's face was completely downcast. The truth was
that she couldn't afford to offend Darren, this cunning old fox. No matter what you do, I will not let you
get away with it.

"It's Scott. He called me," He suddenly said, "Do you want to know what he said?"

"What he said has nothing to do with me. Do you still think that I have a crush on him?" Joan said
sincerely. Darren was so observant that he could see through her.

Darren put down the chopsticks and wiped his mouth. "I have taken his biggest client. He called to
plead with me."


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