Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 19 The President Is Unusual

Before she could say anything else, her wrist was grabbed by Darren He turned around, grabbed her
coat and lifted it.

They were in the public place where people kept coming and going. She struggled her wrist hard, trying
to prevent him from checking her wound on the spot.

"Don't move!" He shouted harshly, and his tone was obviously full of anger. Joan was stunned and
dared not to move any more.

When he pulled and hurt her just now, her subconscious reaction confirmed that the wound should be
on her back. With some strength, he turned her into the room and locked the door with his backhand.

The whole thing was done in one go. Even Selina didn't follow and was locked outside. She knew very
well about her boss' temper. She didn't dare to disturb him by knocking at the door or leave without his
permission. She could only walk alone in the hallway, answer the phone from time to time and explain
why his boss couldn't go to the meeting today.

Selina looked at the phone that was about to explode because of complaining. It was said that life was
fair when it comes to how lucky one was and how much pressure he had to bear. What the hell was
that? They all envied Selina for protecting this handsome and generous young master. They almost
stay together at any time.

It was not easy for others to have a look at his face.

But only herself knew that she was risking her life working for him. She had seen such a capricious and
sudden situation many times. She felt that her other skills after working for Darren had not increased a
lot. Only her lying skills became better.

The blinds in front of the glass window were drooped down, forming an isolated space. While warning
Joan not to move, he lifted the sheet of clothes that approached her skin.

Noticing that the gauze had been dyed red, Darren frowned and gently put down her clothes. Leaning
against the table, Joan was not as resistant as she had been a moment ago. Instead, she felt that the
man standing in front of her seemed to be different from the one in her impression.

"Go to the hospital." He commanded and squatted in front of her with his back to her.

Joan turned around, wondering what he meant. "Hurry up. What are you doing?" Darren urged

So he was going to carry her on his back? It was not until then that Joan realized what Darren meant
by squatting down.

"I can walk myself. It doesn't hurt." She explained.

Darren left her no chance to explain. He didn't know why he cared about her so much.

He hadn't been soft hearted when he forced his opponent to jump off a building or commit suicide in a
negotiation or in the business world, but he felt upset for her injury.

He stepped back a little and put his arms under her knees. "If you don't want to fall, put your arms
around my neck and listen to me."

At the moment when the door was opened, Selina was startled. She held her mobile phone which had
gotten hot, and pointed at Mr. Lu with hesitation. She didn't understand what that meant.

He took the key out of his pocket and said, "Ask the driver to drive the car here. The car should appear
in front of me as soon as I get out."

Selina took the elevator to the first floor, walked from the first floor to the hall and then walked out of the
building. Fortunately, she was used to it in a few minutes. Then she turned around and ran in her high

Selina pulled over in front of the gates, but the next second, she saw Mr. Lu walking out of the gates,
carrying Joan on his back.

Of course, there were still many people behind them who didn't dare to go forward to ask what
happened but looked at them with curious eyes.

"Mr. Lu, where are we going?" She asked while driving.

"To the best hospital."

He let Joan sit in the back seat and sat beside Selina. She tried to start the engine on several times,
but she didn't start the engine. He had always sat in the back seat, but now the man in the front
passenger seat was looking at her. How could she not be flustered?

When they finally drove on the road as usual, Darren added something that pissed her.

He said, "Pay attention to your appearance when you go to work next time. It's not appropriate to work
with disheveled hair."

Even though she promised in a high voice, she cursed Darren in her mind, 'why is my hair disheveled
and dirty? Because I ran from the stairs on the fifth floor to the underground parking lot!' Her colleagues
were not surprised to see her like this but sympathized with her.

It was not easy to work for him. Thinking of this, she peeked at the woman who was lying on the back
seat through the rearview mirror curiously. She didn't know where she was special that she could give
up his work for her.

It happened more than once.

With Darren, the most skilled doctor in the city came to them and inspected her wounds again. After he
had bandaged her wounds, he drove her to the best lounge to have a rest.

"Who did it?" he said to Joan, who was lying on her stomach like a turtle.

"Who did what?" Under the sunlight, every pore on her face was clear. Sweating from the pain her
make up fell a little.

"I just hurt myself by accident." She didn't do that to protect them, but to not embarrass herself. She
didn't want to be laughed at by Darren for her stupidity.

Darren, who had been staring at her, naturally did not miss this detail. He pinched her chin and looked
at the five crimson fingerprints. She didn't need to say anything, he knew it clearly.

Yes, except for her ex-husband and that woman, who would have such a deep grudge against her.

'It seems that I have been too tolerant.'

"As your new boss, I give you a few days off. Take good care of your wounds. You won't feel easy to be
my employee."

He stood up and looked at his watch. "You stay here to take care of her. Keep the car and send her
home later."

Darren put the key in Selina's hand and went out to call a taxi. In her memory, there seemed to be no
memory of him taking a taxi.

"Where are you going, sir?" If the driver hadn't asked him, he would have already forgotten that he was
taking a taxi not a private car. He needed to tell the driver about the address of the house.

A few days later, it was the 70th birthday of his Grandpa. But he had no idea what would happen,
because the woman he would bring back would be Joan rather than Zoey whom they had arranged in

As he closed his eyes, some unforgettable pictures appeared in his mind again.

Coldness was just his camouflage. It was as if he had found it from the very beginning that the inner of
Joan was the same as him.


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