Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 5 Meeting Darren Again

"Joan, what else do you want to say?"

Hearing the cold words of Scott, Joan calmed down soon and answered coldly, "You don't have the
right to reprove me. Besides, there is nothing happened between Darren and me. "

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him. "Joan, how are you going to explain this? Explain the
photo, the men's shirt you wore when you came back, and why you didn't come home all night. You
came back the next day after you were released from prison because you spent a night with him, right?

If he had not been her husband who flirted with another woman the day she was released, would she
meet Darren? He himself was not clean, what right did he have to accuse her!

Joan thought it was ridiculous. At the very beginning, Scott treated her like a gentleman, but very soon,
he became more and more indifferent to her. Although she was his wife, what she got was actually
worse than a stranger. Now, he was finally in a mood, but that was because he thought he was
cuckolded. She thought it over carefully. Probably Scott's marriage with her was all for the Gu
Company's assets. After he got her, he revealed his true colors to her. Now the Gu Company did not
exist, he had nothing to worry about.

The cold expression on his face sent shivers down her spine. It turned out that she married such an
indifferent and ruthless man who had never given her any trust.

"I want a divorce, Scott."

The man was stunned for a moment, as if he didn't hear what Joan was saying.


She was really tired. She didn't want to be entangled with him anymore.

"Divorce?" "So you and Mr. Lu can be together?" he asked

"Whatever you think." As soon as she finished her words, she shook off his hand and walked out
quickly without looking back.

The sun was shining brightly in the clear sky. Joan felt pain in her eyes as if she was about to shed

Joan hailed a taxi and went straight to the Linda's house. As soon as she stepped into the door of her
rented house, she saw Linda rushing towards her. "Joan!"

They had known each other for more than ten years and had a good relationship. Joan felt something
cool drop into her collar. She was stunned for a while, then she felt warm in her heart. "Linda, don't cry.
I'm fine. It's all right."

Upon hearing Joan's words, Linda couldn't help but burst into tears. "Look at you. You've lost a lot of
weight, and you only have your bones left. How can I not worry about you? By the way, how did you
come back yesterday? Joan, I wanted to pick you up, but the director just asked me to do an important
interview. I heard that the director is a very difficult person. I really couldn't get rid of him... "

"It's okay. I came back by myself." Joan knew that if it was not for something urgent, Linda would have
picked her up.

Glancing at Joan in suspicion, she scolded, "That bastard, Scott! He must be with that bitch! Bastard! "

She began cursing for a long while. When she first saw her and Scott, she had tried to talk Joan out of
the arranged marriage, but no one had the final say in it. Noticing this, she got worried.

"Oh, this is the name card of my friend who works in divorce cases. Take it. I am telling you that when
you want to divide the property, don't be taken advantage by that man!"

Linda pulled out a piece of business card and put it into Joan's hands. The thin piece of paper touched
her heart.

"Well, let's stop this topic about me. I heard that you are the best female host on the stage now, right?"
Joan shifted the subject to Linda. She didn't want to hear anything about Scott anymore.

Speaking of work, Linda's face suddenly turned gloomy. "I've just been promoted to be the host! It's
estimated that before I could fit into the position, it

would be given to the mysterious big shot! "

Linda passed the notebook to Joan, who threw it away after glancing at it. "Don't be afraid, Host Ji.
Even if he was very powerful, he wouldn't eat you in public, would he?"

Hearing what Joan said, Linda rolled her eyes at her. They chatted and laughed for a while. Joan's
gloomy mood lightened up a lot.

When they were discussing what to eat to celebrate Joan's regained freedom, her phone rang.

"Hurry up, Linda. Something happened to your father!"

The voice on the other end of the phone was so loud that even Joan could hear clearly. She was
startled. Something happened to Mr. Ji?!

On the other hand, the face of Rachel, who was holding her cell phone, was now extremely pale after
she had just calmed down. She hung up the phone, grabbed her bag and rushed outside. All of a
sudden, she remembered an important problem.

"What should we do? The interview will start in an hour. It's very important, really important. But the
interviewees said they only have time now, but my father, my father..."

Joan comforted her without knowing what to do. Linda was from a single-parent family, and his father
was her only relative. If she missed one second, she might never meet her father again.

When her father had an accident, she hated herself for not being present. Now she couldn't let it
happen to Linda.

"Linda, go to the hospital now. I will handle the interview. All I need to do is to write down the interview
and send it to you. They won't know the change of the person who did the interview. I will use your
name. Don't worry. I will make it!"

After seeing Linda out, Joan heaved a deep sigh and picked up the notebook again. Her eyes were
fixed on the introduction, which, to be exact, was the name of the guest.

The special guest: Darren Lu?!

She felt upset, but she couldn't go back on her word. Time was so tight that she had no time to

She wore a white shirt and a black suit jacket, and a black skirt. She put on a business suit and stood
up to go for the appointment.

It was the first time that Joan had come to the building of Lu Company. The Lu Company had been
established in S City three years ago, and in just three years, it had already become one of the biggest
companies in the city, and had gradually developed into other industries. Its CEO, Darren Lu, was also
mysterious and dignified. He seldom appeared in the media's cameras and was always cold and
arrogant, and kept high-profile. He was handsome, wildly attractive and most importantly, he was not
married yet.

On the way, Joan looked up some news about Darren. There were a lot of women chasing after him,
including female celebrities and socialites.

Joan's face blushed when she recalled the naked skin of the man she had seen this morning. But his
impression on her wasn't good. Judging from the way he spoke, Joan thought he was a bastard.

'How can one be a good person when he thinks with his lower part of the body?'.

The appointed time was three o'clock, and Joan came early. The secretary told her that Mr. Lu was still
in a meeting. She sat by the window and looked out of it. It was undeniable that Lu Company located in
a great location. Looking out of the window, she could have a good view of S City. Joan studied
architecture and design. During the three years in prison, what she could see were only grey walls and
a grey sky. Her creativity had been depressed for a long time. But it seemed to be triggered.

She took out a pen and paper on her knees and began drawing.

When Darren walked into the meeting room, he didn't notice Joan. Then he noticed a woman who was
drawing attentively by the window.

Wrapped in a well tailored business suit, her perfect figure appeared perfectly. Her long hair was
casually draped over her shoulders, and because of her position, a few strands were falling, making
her small earlobes more tempting in the hair.

Her face was small, and her long eyelashes cast two shadows on her eyelids. Her crystal-like eyes
were full of concentration, and she seemed to be very satisfied with her work. The corners of her mouth
unconsciously lifted to draw a shallow arc.

Darren confused a bit and blurted out a name.


His voice brought Joan back to her senses. Not until then did she realize that Darren was behind


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