Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 249 Finally Came To The End

Looking at the receding figure of Zoey, Joan could not help but slightly twitch the corners of her mouth.
She had not intended to make a fuss with her, but at the beginning, she could not stand.

But now, why did she leave without any reason?

Henry said with a faint smile as he saw his sister leave. "Look at you two. I assume she will give up

"No, Henry, you're wrong. You underestimated your sister. She is much more thoughtful than you. Most
importantly, her ability can't be underestimated. The more you want her to give up, the more she will
adhere to you." Linda felt that she had gone through so much experience to understand the truth.

The corners of Henry's mouth twitched slightly. He couldn't help but touch his forehead with his hand,
looking dissatisfied. "I don't think so!"

Darren nodded at him vigorously and said without hesitation, "Yes."

"Then why is she still unwilling to let go even though she has been hurt for countless times? Although
all of us are the holy beings of love, we don't have to be giving back!" Henry couldn't help but scratch
his head to show that he was very remorseful now. In addition, there were many reasons for this, and
he was still not completely clear about it.

But it was the first time he had taken part in such kind of thing of his sister. He didn't expect such a
result. More importantly, so many people pointed to his sister, and his sister was so shameless, which
made him lose face.

It was a pity that he had said before that he didn't care about her love affairs. No matter how much she
had done, he couldn't interfere with it at will.

Why did he feel a little regretful now?

Linda always felt that she was competing with this guy. Most importantly, he was too shameless!

"In fact, I think your family are basically the holy beings of love, and there is no need to be so reckless
about this matter. Most importantly, there is no need to be so clear about it!"

"In fact, I don't think your family is a saint of love, but an idiot. Apparently they doesn't like you, but you
have to be so shameless. I feel a little strange." Joan thought that this kind of person could only be
regarded as an idiot, even if he was infatuated, it didn't matter, because he didn't like her at all. If she
insisted on like this, she would eventually get hurt.

Most importantly, she always liked to deceive herself like this. Was it really good?

Henry felt that the two sisters seemed to be stimulating him, but it was a fact. Moreover, their family
was a saint of love, but unfortunately they fell in love with someone they shouldn't love, so he had to
say helplessly. "In fact, there are many things that we can't choose. The most important thing is that we
don't have to think too much, and this will only make us have some bad behaviors. The most important
thing is that there are many reasons that are not so simple. If we come back in this way, it would only
make us choose some bad things, what's more, you didn't refuse her about the abrupt action.
Sometimes you treated her well and sometimes you treated her badly, so she wouldn't give up. You
only make her feel that you are pretending, so she is naturally unwilling to give up this relationship."

Hearing this, Joan felt a little sorry. If it weren't for her, Darren wouldn't have given her a sense of
security from time to time, but he wouldn't have given her a chance from time to time.

Thinking of this, she said awkwardly, "It seems that this matter is my problem. I will definitely correct it.
Besides, I didn't expect it to be like this before. Now it seems that I have to think it over carefully."

Linda was quite confused, "what does it have to do with you? It's all his sister deserved it."

Henry didn't know what was wrong with this woman?

She always liked to set himself against her, and she seemed to be in the same team with Austin. So
what now?

Thinking of this, he looked at Austin with dissatisfaction. "Can you keep your woman? Don't let her talk
nonsense. Although you know it hurts her a lot, there is no need to do so!"

The corners of Austin's mouth twitched slightly. "Can you leave me alone from your matter? And as a
man, what are you too embarrassed to say to them?"

"Austin, you can't say that. Am I not a man?" After saying that, Henry realized that this guy was talking
about him. Most importantly, there were three men here, and only he was fooling around with these two
women. Thinking of this, he was naturally speechless.

He looked down upon Austin again and said. "About this kind of thing, I hope we can stop messing
around like this. Besides, it's obviously your fault. In the end, you all blame on me. Isn't it a little unfair?"

In fact, Darren had already been full, and he didn't know how to face such a thing.

After all, they had been friends for so many years. He couldn't just give up like this!

"Well, stop talking about it. If you are not full, eat quickly. If you are, let's go!" In the end, Darren chose
not to face this problem. After all, there were some things that could not be solved so easily.

Joan was already full, so she walked up to him and waved at him. "Get up. Let's go."

In fact, Linda wasn't hungry yet. Anyway, it was enough.

She said to Austin. "Let's go!"

Although Henry felt that his life today was totally strange.

He couldn't lose his temper randomly, and he didn't want to do anything about it, so sometimes he
could only say with a smile. "In fact, I don't want to force you to do that. But since you have said so, go
ahead. I'll pay the bill."

After saying that, he immediately stood up and went to pay the bill.

Looking at his back, Linda asked in confusion. "Isn't this his restaurant? Why does he have to pay the

"That's because there is a rule here. No matter the boss pays for the meal or anything else, he must
pay for it. And in the end, he wants to know where the profit of these is?" Austin couldn't help but say.
In fact, only in this way could he know whether he had earned or lost. If the boss always likes to take
others come, and he can't explain it clearly.

At that time, no one knew whether he would earn or lose money.

Hearing this, Linda nodded. "It seems that what you said is right. And in the face of such a thing, it
should have been explained it well. In addition, some of these things should have been done like this. It
seems that this guy is not stupid."

"Who says he is a fool? In fact, he is not a saint of love, but I think he is much better than his sister. At
least he won't harm others according to his own decision. In fact, you haven't known him for a long
time. We know from childhood that he has always have the loved someone, but unfortunately, the
person he likes is finally taken away by others. At the beginning, he felt a little depressed. In the end,
he became heartless and even unwilling to interfere in anything. I guess he went out only for his sister
this time!" Austin remembered everything in the past. The most important thing was that it was not bad
of Henry for a woman to do that.

The corners of Linda's mouth twitched slightly. Although there were too many things that she didn't
know, from this point of view, this man was obviously a playboy.

"In fact, what Austin said is right. This guy is completely different from his sister. Moreover, he is an
anthomaniac and even willing to sacrifice his life. Unfortunately, in the end, he knew that this woman
was from his opponent. She just wanted to perplex him and destroy the company." Darren couldn't help
explaining. As a child, he didn't have that kind of thought at all. The most important thing was that he
might not be in the mood to care about anything now.

Joan couldn't help but frown slightly. She felt like it was on TV. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but
ask, "Didn't he think about finding another one?"

"We don't need to teach him if he meets the right person. But unfortunately, he still can't forget that
woman. We are thinking that if that woman comes back again, she might look for him again. After
finding him, there might be some trouble." After saying that, Austin couldn't help but sigh. In the face of
such a thing, they felt that this guy was too stupid.

"Well, let's stop talking like that. If he comes back suddenly, he will only be sad. So we'd better not talk
nonsense here. Let's talk about it after we go home. Besides, we have finished eating. Let's go back to
have a rest!" Joan reminded.

No matter it was right or wrong, at least there wouldn't be any special gaps between them. And most
importantly, they couldn't discuss others in their territory!

"In fact, I think it's still early, and it's only noon. Why do we go back to rest? Oh, I forgot that I have to
interview." Linda couldn't help but shout out loud. How could she forget such a thing at any time?
Fortunately, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon, or she would be late miserably.


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