Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 107 The Consequence Of Disobedience

Before she left, she intended to give Joan a big gift!

"Miss Gu, I must be wrong about you. The bet is wrong."

What's wrong? What bet? In a daze, Joan looked at Jean, trying to defend herself from the cold on her
belly with her teeth gritted. As time went by, she was really taken good care of. She had been looked
after by Selina for so long that she seemed to be very tired after having walked for such a long time.

As if she had a ball in her belly to take care of. She had been light and moved clumsily. Besides, she
lacked nutrition. Today she huddled up and sat directly on the ice cold ground.

The difference in her body made her more panic than that in her mind.

As if she had expected what Joan would ask, she replied, "I just got the news. Besides, your rival in
love, Lola Qi, was kidnapped. Probably

they were against her agent or Darren Lu. Who knows? But the most important thing is that Mr. Lu
rushed to the address of Lola as soon as he heard the news. "

"I thought you were useful to me, but now you're useless."

Joan was in a conundrum. But the words she said that he went to save Lola threw her into an ice cellar.
"I don't believe it!" She yelled at him with the last glimmer of hope.

'So, didn't he do it just to piss me off?' Joan wondered.

She had tried so hard to comfort and persuade herself. Maybe it was because of his strong self-esteem
as a man, he was just angry.

"You don't believe me?" She then played the phone recording on the screen and said, "there is a
conversation record about Mr. Lu. You can listen to Mr. Lu's decision."

The familiar yet strange voice came through, which was just cut off to the part where she did not want
Joan to hear. Joan only heard that on the phone, Darren Lu scorned them. He said that he would not
let them go after he came back from Lola Qi's place.

"There is a saying that the first love is always a stela, and latter people can never surpass it."

With his eyes filled with fury, Adam got in the car and looked at the arrogant Jean. He couldn't believe
that this woman dared not listen to him and made such a fool of herself as he just left for a few days.

"Has Lola's company contacted the PR department yet? And then notify the police in charge of the
security here as if what happened today was a crazy threat from crazy fans."

The young man nodded with respect and said, "don't worry. We have arranged everything as you said.
That policeman has received a lot of money from us."

He felt a little relieved, thinking that even if his plan that he had set for so long was destroyed today, he
would still be mad at Jean even if he strangled her for a thousand times.

Thus, when she walked out in her small suit, she was slapped on the face.

It had been a long time since he hit someone last time. He slapped her so hard that his palm was
burning and red. One could imagine how serious the pain was on her face.

She was too shocked to come back to her senses. She looked over her shoulder and confirmed that
Joan couldn't see her. "You hit me!" she sobbed. How could you hit me? "

"Why? You don't even know why? It's you! You almost ruined my plan! You know what? "

Before leaving, he urged her again and again that no matter what kind of thing she was going to do,
she must get the consent of Howard first and could not act without his consent.

The whole thing was just a whim, and when she saw Joan was acting on her own and wanted to
retaliate against her with Lola. "Even if I need to think carefully about it, Scott has already let Lola leave
that place. And even so, Darren still doesn't know what we are going to do."

She would make amends for her previous faults by good deeds.

"What kind of person do you think he is? Do you think that you can escape by taking advantage of this
chance?" He grabbed her arms, grabbed her shoulders forcefully and said, "once he succeeds in
rescuing Joan, he will get to know that we are together as soon as he learns that you are the backstage
manipulator and that you call Lola for no particular reason. Do you think it's possible for the Lu family to
trust Lola?"

What's done is done. Jean threw caution to the winds and said, "what are you going to do now? Hand
me over to them? It's all my idea. It has nothing to do with Lola. Should I lose myself to protect her? "

Her face was deeply swollen and the fingerprints were as thick as a man's. Adam burst out laughing
and said: "of course not. How can I bear to hurt you?"

His fingers slowly touched her cheeks. The cold touch resisted the heat of her cheeks. He gave her a
deep kiss. The stinging pain made her gasp.

However, she did not dare to push him away. She could only bear his cold attitude from time to time.

"I have a good news with the agent company. Tonight, Lola has met a crazy fan who was obsessed
with her and kidnapping her. However, I hope this is the last time you show your disobedience. I want
to make it clear that I am not Scott."

The words were slowly uttered by her ear, and then his lips touched her face again. The tip of his
tongue touched the red and swollen part, and a layer of goose bumps rose on her back.

She was devoured by this man and couldn't move.

There was no true love between the two people. Maybe, the true love existed in the world, but Jean
could not have. When she was Scott, she didn't need to worry about her own safety, and she didn't
need to worry about what he would do to her because he was out of control emotionally.

However, when she didn't do anything according to his order, he reached out and scratched her hair.
As a result, Jean couldn't help but take a few steps back.

"I got it." She looked down and asked, "what about that woman now? Should I send her address to
Darren? "

"Of course!" "Send it to him right now. He might be unable to pull himself out of the media circle."

The tearful woman appeared to be confused in the middle of the reporters, when Darren came out of
the car, she ran toward him as if she had seen a beam of light in his eyes.

She didn't expect so many people here.

Darren Lu gnashed his teeth with hatred. Although the media had already guessed and made several
versions, he still felt somewhat uncomfortable with their intimacy being photographed in public.

"What happened?" He still kept a lukewarm attitude towards her. He didn't put his arm on her, "I
received a message saying that you were kidnapped?"

"It's a fan of mine. He had a crush on me since I was abroad. He pursued me until I came back from
abroad, and he had almost gone insane. He kidnapped me today because he had read some news
about us on TV. She wanted to threaten you."

The policeman aside also added, "people don't know who they are now, but they can't tell the
difference between their real life and the phantom world on the screen. Lady Qi, don't worry. We will
definitely do a good job to deal with the aftermath."

Just a fan?

With half belief and half doubt, he turned around and looked at Austin, hoping to get some information
from his eyes. However, Austin's eyes were glassy and confused.

Darren always had a good sense of hunch. Was he wrong this time?

"Oh, gosh! Mr. Lu, look at this message." She was safe here, but the danger to Joan was real!

He pushed away Lola Qi and rushed to the car regardless of the flashlights around.

While his hand was on the door handle, her cold fingers blocked his way. With tears in her eyes, she
seemed to be scared just now. "Darren, I'm still very scared. Can you stay with me tonight? Don't leave
me alone."

"No, I have something to deal with now."

"Something important?" Lola's nose twitched. "I'm afraid the worst part is that Joan tried to seduce you

She thought that as usual, as long as she kept pestering Darren, he would not refuse her too fiercely.
Especially today, it was different and there were so many reporters around.

"Lola, I advise you not to challenge my bottom line. It's not your turn to teach me what I want to do or
what I want to do. Do I need to report to you? "

Lola was shocked by these words and didn't know what to say to relieve the embarrassment. The
reporters looked at each other, and their love seemed not to be described as some versions of
romantic love.

The woman's fingers slid from the door handle inch by inch. After Darren got into the car, he
indifferently drove away.

"Stop it. I'm not in a good mood!" Being annoyed, Lola put her hand over a camera. She made a way
through the crowd, and her agent company rushed over, blocking the reporters and the cameramen,
and took her to a car not far away.

Both Adam and Jean were sitting in the car. Just when Adam was about to complain to her, he
suddenly realized that the atmosphere inside the car was not so good.

He watched carefully and found that Jean's face was very soft and swollen.

"Miss Qi, do you know who is the largest shareholder of the Young Entertainment Company?"

Every word said by this man in black would make her panic from the first day she came back.


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