Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 16 The Truth

She couldn't find anywhere in the city that she could live a peaceful life. After a brief moment of
frustration, she rolled up her sleeves and picked up her resume to look for a job.

"Please wait for a moment." The girl at the front desk politely called someone. Then she nodded at
Joan and led her to a small meeting room to wait. She poured a cup of tea for Joan politely. Compared
to the previous few companies, this one was kind to employees, Joan was full of fondness.

In this way, their boss must be excellent too. She might succeed this time.

Feeling bored, she began to browse the works displayed on the bookshelf. She also felt familiar with
the name of the company's owner, but she couldn't remember where she had seen the name.

While she was thinking about this, the door of the meeting room was pushed open and a man, who
was about her father's age, walked in. Joan stood up to greet him, and was suddenly touched by a pair
of big hands. "Joan, it's you You were released? "

"You are Uncle Fred?" The old man had become the major shareholder of the Gu Company when it
was prospering. He was the best among shareholders. Occasionally, he would come to her house to
have tea with her father.

Since the Gu Company was closed, Fred must have had a hard time for a long time. Fortunately, he
had his own company now. Joan thought, 'Maybe this is what good people get.'

"Joan, are you looking for a job?" He asked.

"Yes, Uncle Fred." Joan smiled, "I'm back."

Speaking of this, she sighed softly. "I'm back, but dad is gone, Gu Company is gone, and I'm divorced.
It seems that the whole world abandoned me."

Fred's face darkened as he stood up and closed the office door. He was old, and he wasn't as daring
and timid as he was when he was young. But right now, Joan, who used to be fearless, had been put in
a desperate situation and tried so hard. He couldn't think how many difficulties she had met.

Thinking of the past, he said mysteriously and seriously, "Joan, be careful of your ex-husband."

'Scott?' Hearing Fred's words, Joan asked, trying to compose herself.

"Joan, you know, the bankruptcy of the Gu Company wasn't an accident. There were some minor
issues concerning the stocks before, but it didn't cause the whole company to collapse. When I was
involved in my own business, I heard that Scott looked anxious and sad after you were sent to prison,
but he was the most happy one to split the company up."

Joan, take care of yourself.

Before losing her consciousness, Joan heard this sentence.

And the receptionist at Uncle Fred's company, who gave her a very good impression, was scared. She
thought that she was so tired recently that she hadn't experienced a kind of relaxation since she was

After opening her eyes again, Joan found that the sky was full of white, such as the white bed sheet,
the white pillow and the white ceiling. The dull pain on the back of her hand was so cold that she
shrank a little, trying to look for the source of the pain. Her hand was covered by gauze, and the thin
straw seemed to inject medicine into her body.

As soon as she moved her lips, the harsh pain pulled at her nerves. She could imagine that her lips
must have been cracked, and the salty and bloody smell had spread all over her mouth.

"Water..." She could only move the left hand to fetch a glass of water and a kettle. Since there was
nobody else in the ward.

She could almost reach the kettle with her fingertips, which made her move a little bit more. However,
due to her force, the whole cabinet slid far away and as a result of inertia. Joan rolled over to the

The needle on the back of her hand had been torn off, and the bottle of glass bottle had also fallen to
the ground. It seemed that she had been unlucky recently. Regardless of the remaining blood drops on
the back of her hand, she climbed over and picked up the glass that had been pushed a long distance
away. She squatted beside the pot and poured a full glass of water directly into her throat.

The loud bang in the ward startled others. She thought that the nurse who came in to ask about what
had happened. So Joan still squatted down, turned her back to the nurse and said, "I'm okay. The
infusion is about to finish. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"Why are you so unlucky every time I see you?"

A cold voice came from behind Joan. She felt a chill down her spine. The voice was not from Darren,
but from him!

How did he know that she was in hospital.

She pressed hard on the bloody spot. It was seriously bruised. She turned her head coldly and said in
a quiet tone, "Scott, you have a great business. How could you have time to care about my life? Are
you here to laugh at me? "

"What? You are half right. "

In the meantime, Scott lay on the bed where Joan had been, crossed his hands on the back of his
head. His shiny leather shoes were casually placed on the white sheet.

Joan frowned. She didn't know that in the past three years, Scott had changed from a gentle and polite
man to a disgusting hooligan.

Joan just stood there, holding her shoulders. Scott didn't seem to care. "I'm here to laugh at you, but
I'm not that idle to come here to laugh at you."

He laughed contemptuously as if he had heard a funny story, "This honest lady called me and told me
that you fainted."

She turned to the direction where the voice came from. It was the receptionist of Fred's company. The
receptionist was standing at the door looking at her. She was shocked by what she saw and couldn't
say a word for a long time.

"Joan, what's wrong?"

During the three years in prison, she had changed a lot. The biggest change was that she used to think
that everyone was innocent rabbit, but now she was not able to judge a person only by feeling.

"Why did you call him? You are undercover, right? What do you want? " She stepped on the floor
barefoot, not caring about the glass residue under her feet.

The girl retreated to the door, shaking her head. She didn't know what Joan was talking about.

Undercover? What does that mean? She just walked out of the campus. When she saw Joan pass out.
She didn't want to see her die.

She bumped into the wall and there was no way back.


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