Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 65 Reunite

Joan had accompanied Linda to buy her myna. Before she went to prison, the bird finally learned how
to say her name.

After three years, even the myna didn't recognize her. The name "Joan" had been deleted from its

"Is it so easy to forget the past?" She gently caressed the bird's mouth and gave it the sunflower seeds
on her palm.

"Joan, I'm back!"

From the hallway came the voice of Linda. Joan quickly put on her slippers and walked towards the

"What did he say?" Although Joan showed a sign of indifference on her face, she was really looking
forward to the answer. Is Darren so indifferent that he didn't care about the resignation at all? Or did he
feel sorry for her?

Linda poked her nose and said, "You're too stubborn. You always think too much. Everyone has a past.
But I think Mr. Lu is really nervous about you. You don't know how nervous he was when I looked at his
eyes when I lied!"

She led Joan to the sofa and sat down. "He really wants to know where you are. Perhaps he really
wants to have a talk with you. Why do you refuse to see him? Maybe you should meet each other in
the future. Just let it go. If he doesn't like you, why does he have a straight face when he received the
resignation letter?"

She thought to herself, 'He really didn't want me to resign, neither did I.' Suddenly, a feeling of nausea
surged in her stomach. It's probably because that she hasn't eaten well these days which hurt her

stomach. In recent days, no matter what food Linda bought, she always have no appetite.

She felt better after spitting out the acid saliva in the bathroom.

"Are you all right, Joan? Why have you been like this all the time? Are you having a stomachache
because you haven't eaten well recently?"

"No, I'm good. Don't worry about me..."

She had been trying very hard to control herself. However, the strange feeling in her stomach was so
strong that she had to swallow saliva to prevent the sour water in her stomach, which was in vain in the

"No way!" Linda stood up, grabbed some of her clothes, and put them on Joan's head. "Get up. I'll take
you to the hospital right now. I'm not sure until you go to see a doctor. Even if you and Darren get
angry, you should take care of yourself."

She could tell from Darren's caring eyes that he had been angry with her for only a few days. And they
would get well soon. So she must take good care of Joana these days, or Mr. Lu would hate her for

Joan raised her knee from the cold ground and sat down on the sofa to relax. "Linda, judging from his
expression, can you tell that he doesn't want me to resign?"

She stared at the ceiling speechlessly. She was not blind, and his expression was obvious. Everyone
could tell what was going on.

"Miss Gu, you have been pregnant for a month."

The doctor looked at her with a smile. A mother should be the happiest, shouldn't she? But the woman
in front of her was obviously not happy. The girl who should be her bestie looked at her with worry.

"I have a baby? It's been a month. " Joan gently stroked her belly.

Darren, it's our baby. It's our baby.

Scott and she had married for half a year, but she had never got pregnant. Unexpectedly, she was
pregnant on her birthday after having a romantic night with Darren.

Is it fate that didn't let her go?

"Joan, why are you so stubborn? Don't you want to see Darren?" "Don't torture yourself like this. You
should give birth to your baby as well. After all, he can't be born without a father."

It turned out to be a young couple who had a quarrel. The young doctor had seen too many men and
women like this, so he also persuaded, "It's better for a child to grow up in a complete family. Or he will
have psychological defect when he grows up."

However, she had disappeared for so long, and she did not hear that Mr. Lu had any reactions. He was
still reporting the results of the Lu Company on financial newspapers.

Austin followed them to the hospital. The Department of Obstetrics and gynecology. Was it...

He got through to Darren without hesitation. The content on the phone was brief.

X hospital. Joan was put on a gynecology examination.

The implication was that your girlfriend might have some good news and you decide whether you will

All the people in the Lu Company seemed to meet a ghost today. Darren rarely stopped the meeting at
the critical moment, and when he walked out of the door, he used a trot.

The young men and girls could not wait to gossip. They all leaned on the window and door frame,
looking at the flustered back of Mr. Lu who was rarely seen like this.

No wonder they were curious. They had never seen Mr. Lu discomposed. For so many years, no
matter how difficult the cases he encountered, he was always confident with a smile.

When having a meeting, he always says: "Is there anything to be panic about?"

"What's wrong with Mr. Lu today? Joan hasn't come here for so many days. Do you think it's related to

"I don't know, but eighty percent of the chance is right. Didn't you see that Mr. Lu ran out after giving a
glance at his phone?"

Selina had tried to ask the gossipers to go back to work, but she had failed to notice that Nick had
entered the company building when she was driving her car.

"Nick? What are you doing here? "

In fact, it was always hard to find Nick in the company, because Darren didn't like others to poke their
nose into his family affairs. Since ancient times, there were reasons why one son gained less favor.

There were two possibilities. One was that Nick was spoiled, the other was that Darren was bossy, but
all of them were members of the Lu family. Therefore, they had to show their respect. It was said that
Selina followed Nick closely every time he came.

But today, as soon as assistant Zhang went out, he came to visit. They didn't know how he was treated,
so they could only look at each other and smiled embarrassedly.

"Darren has gone out, so did Selina. Has something happened in the company? And who did you just
speak of? Joan? Isn't that my brother's girlfriend? What happened to her again? "

Although he looked concerned, he was delighted to know that the method of Scott was really feasible.
Nick had been right to believe in his words.

If anything went wrong with Joan and him, his mind would be in a total mess. Although he had tried his
best to control his emotions, his grandfather and father had taught him that he had been doing well.

"Darren, you can't let anyone find your weakness, or it would be a dagger in your throat from now on,"

Without any hesitation, he stepped on the gas and drove all the way to the hospital.

"Eat some more." Linda was more experienced than Joan. The doctor said that during the first three
months of pregnancy, it was not stable and needed nourishment. So she went to buy a lot of delicious

"This medicine can nourish blood." "This is good for your mood."

She even lied to Darren that she was in her period a few days ago. She didn't expect that it hadn't
come for a long time because of pregnancy. Now she knew the reason.

If Darren came here, he might be very embarrassed.

"Close your eyes and have a rest."

As soon as she closed her eyes, she smelt so sensitive. Her nose seemed to be filled with a faint flavor
of lemon smoke that she was familiar with, mixed with the flavor of rice in the spoon that reached out in
front of her nose.

"Are you going to keep avoiding me like this?"

She opened her eyes all of a sudden. After looking at the man in front of her for a long time, she
suddenly pushed the spoon away as if she had seen something she didn't want to see, and curled up

at the corner of the bed alone.

Darren Lu felt awkward because he didn't know how to deal with this situation. Darren Lu was hurt by
Joan's reaction and asked, "Is my child all right?"

"Do you still recognize him as your child? Now you don't doubt that I still have a relationship with Scott.
He is the father of the baby, not you? "

Darren lowered his head and his eyes lit up. "Joan, can we stop quarreling? I'll tell you everything you
want to know. But can you not ask about your husband from another man? "

'I'll be jealous. Although I am the largest boss of the Lu Company and I can ask for anything I want and
don't worry about being taken away by others, you're the only one who's always like a light and who
has your own pursuit.'

"Who is Lola?"

She finally asked calmly. What on earth had happened to the woman who made her feel fear.

"She is my first girl I fell in love with."

When she was in college, she was a model whom he walked on the stage with. The sponsor of the
dress had a good relationship with Darren's family. They sponsored him in order to take care of him.

As a result, this was the first time for him to attend such a public activity. He got to know a mysterious
woman in this way.

"Back then, there was a girl standing in the backstage. She almost cried because her zipper was
broken. So I tied the back part of her clothes with the help of the pins. But I have never done that for
other people. I have seen her tender skin poked by the pins for several times."

"I've never seen a girl so fearless of pain. But she didn't utter a word. When the blood shot out, I knew
that I just poked her skin."

Joan knew how it felt, so she smiled.

"Perhaps, she had fallen in love with you since then." She said jealously.

When she was a student, she was brave. After all, they were young and energetic. Even if she lost, she
could afford to lose.


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