Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 63 The Fight Between Men

Selina hurried over, helped him to straighten the position of his tie, and tugged the hem of his clothes.

Fortunately, the quality of his clothes was good. There was no other problem. His face expression
showed that, after the fierce fighting just now, it was obvious that he won, while Scott was at a

"I have something to deal with in the company today, so I won't have much time to chat with the
seniors. Next time, I'll find a chance to invite you all to get together."

It was an oral statement. In fact, he was not in the mood to deal with it. Now he just wanted to go to a

"Mr. Lu, are you sure we are going to Miss Gu's home now? Your emotion. " Selina opened and shut
her mouth.

"What's wrong with my emotions?"

Although he knew that Selina kindly reminded him for the good of their relationship, he couldn't listen to
her because he was too depressed.

'Joan, I told you. You can't take a joke on this.

Lying prone on the ground, she swept the floor carefully. She liked to clean the floor when she was a
child. At that time, Laura and Celia were

not at home. Her mother was still alive, but she was already weak.

Therefore, she often helped the nanny to cook together for her mother. And she always knelt on the
ground and wiped the floor. Unlike other children, she thought doing housework was a kind of
enjoyment, not a burden.

When there were guests at home, they would tell her father that she was a tough girl.

The door was knocked violently. She shook her clothes and stood up to open the door.

"Darren," Someone asked as she had expected, "Why do you look so pale? Are you ill?"

After wiping her hands dry with her apron, Joan reached out her hand to feel his forehead. All of a
sudden, she was grabbed and pushed into the bedroom.

Darren closed the door as he pushed Joan down to the ground and said, "That's what you said about
'sickness'. You said you are uncomfortable! If you are not feeling well, why did you wipe the floor? Why
did you step on the ground with bare feet?"

Joan, when did you learn to lie to me?

"I didn't!" Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Darren's anger. His teeth and
tongues were on her neck and her shoulders.

His breath was getting heavier and heavier, ignoring the woman beneath him.

"Darren, are you out of your mind?"

"I'm crazy! I was driven crazy by you. You're my woman now. You're going to marry me. Do you know
that? " It was the first time that Darren's hair was messy and his lips were dry and pale.

He was always neat. He was still well dressed even if he didn't go to bed for a whole day. But he just
went to a banquet today.

When he came back, he looked like he had been through a lot.

"I know. But what do you mean? Rape before marriage? Family Violence? Are you drunk or what? I'm
not your legal wife yet. How could you do this to me? "

Breathing heavily, Joan struggled to break free, but her collar was pulled open, and half of her
shoulders were exposed. She hadn't been insulted like this by Darren for a long time. Since they
officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, he had never talked to her like that.

"Rape before marriage? It turns out that you always hold this thought. Do you live with me because you
got drunk and had sex with me that day? Were you taking me as the only legitimate husband you had...


"Shame on you!"

The man's face was heavily tilted to one side. He was in a daze for a long time and couldn't believe
what was happening. His cheek turned red and five slender fingerprints were carved on his face.

It was obvious that the slap was made with great strength and a certain emotion.

She could do it. Darren Lu's heart sank. He felt like his whole world was going to collapse.

"Why did you lie to me?"

He released Joan and stood up. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she breathed. She looked so sad.

He ignored his burning cheeks and turned her face to look at her carefully. "I overestimated you, Joan. I
didn't expect you to be such a heartless woman," he said.

"heartless? I lied to you? Then she turned to Darren and said, "You too." He was so rude to her as
soon as he entered the house, and he was still angry with her at the moment.

Darren stood in front of the window, smoking one cigarette after another. But before he finished his
words, he violently smashed the cigarette on the ground. "Then why don't you want to marry me since

you met Scott? It's just a coincidence?"

"Then why don't you reflect on yourself and see if you have done anything wrong?"

"Did I do anything wrong? It's my fault that I didn't keep an eye on you. From tomorrow on, you have to
go to work and get off work with me, and all your time is mine. I don't allow you to lie to me again. " Mr.
Lu answered in a bossy manner, which dejected Joan.

That was how he solved the problem. She was too naive. He had never been wrong since childhood.
How could he be wrong now? It was her fault.

"Mr. Lu, I have received the order. If there is nothing else, please go home and have a rest. I want to
sleep, can I?"

In a rage, she took off the apron around her waist, threw it on the ground, opened the quilt and got in.
She didn't sit up until the footsteps disappeared and the door was slammed shut.

With his eyes closed, Darren was sitting in his car, and Selina Zhang, dared not say a word. He flew
into a rage and went to the stairs to meet Joan. His face was red and swollen, and obviously she had a
quarrel with him.

It was intense.

With his eyes closed, he felt the burning pain on his cheek through his whole body. He had endured it
enough that no woman dared to make fuss with him like this before.

It was the first time that he had been slapped by a woman. Although his father and grandfather had
beaten him. How could he endure this without saying anything?

"If a man loves a woman, will he stand that she dates another man behind his back?" He seemed to
talk to himself or ask his assistant Selina.

Besides, that man was her ex-husband.

"Perhaps there are some misunderstandings between you. I think most girls are suspicious that they
have a kind lie because they are too nervous about Mr. Lu," Selina answered.

"Let's go home."

Selina nodded and said, "Well, Mr. Lu, would you like to go to a pharmacy? You have a meeting

Darren just nodded perfunctorily. He needed to work out a plan to deal with Scott step by step.

Sure enough, grandpa had warned him not to be soft on the enemy of

giving them a chance to live. In the end, they might be rescued and become invisible bombs at any

Back then, he had tried to give Joan an opportunity to prove her innocence, but he had gone against
his usual way of handling those matters. He had even given the Jian Company a chance to gasp for air.

Now it turned out that he had somehow interfered in their relationship. He shouldn't have let the tiger
return to its hometown, just in case it would frighten him further.

"Uncle Fred, I want to know how many business cooperations do you have with the Jian Company." As
soon as he arrived at home, Darren got through to Uncle Fred. He had taken good care of his company
since he knew that he was the former vice president of the Gu Company who worked for Joan's father.

In addition, they had a tacit agreement, that was, they just wanted to find out the evidence how Scott
destroyed the Gu Company in detail. Therefore, although Fred, on the other hand, didn't need to look
up to Scott, he didn't even dare to make decisions on his own before.

However, he still needed to be in Scott's the heart like a nail.

"There is only a small part that I don't have access to the core of his project." They are all experienced
businessmen. They talked with each other calmly. "But recently I found that his assistant seems to
have complaint against him. If Mr. Lu has an intention, you can start from there. That may be a

"Is that Amy Qu? I've looked into her background. I think she is the same as all of us. My assistant
worked there since her childhood. I don't think it's a good idea to hire her. Are you sure? "

A file was delivered to the villa by Shelly. She was nice to others, and after she worked in the Lu
Company, Joan recommended to make a more suitable position for her. At that time, she was a kind-
hearted woman, and she became the only one who took care of Joan.

"Shelly and Amy Qu have already become good friends. I think the source of the information is reliable.
It is said that she is not dissatisfied with the Scott, but with Scott alone. Recently, Scott was so angry
that it was hard for them to accept."

Generally speaking, everyone had a temper. As assistants, they wouldn't take the pressure to heart.
However, Scott had reached the point of being paranoid and supercilious.

The chief designer, his closest assistant, and even the driver working for him, had been in a bad mood
some day and suffered. Not to mention scold for no reason, it was very likely that all the credit they had
made before would be erased. It was hard to say.

"In this case, ask Shelly to spend more time with her. Let's find out the reason why Scott has a bad

This was how things were like in this battlefield. There were ups and downs. They would arrange the
chess pieces with one move after another.

While he was busy with his moves, his brother was congratulating their game with Scott.


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