Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 105 The Shadow Was Caught

She felt that God was extremely unfair. The person who set her up many times was now safe, but she
was suffering here. The person She loved was taking her as a tool for revenge. She finally found a
person who loved her, but the person who regarded her as his ex-girlfriend. She mocked herself for this
life. Her face was pale, and her lips were trembling.

Seeing that Jean was becoming pale at the moment, Joan couldn't help but burst into laughter. Jean
knew that her dream finally came true, and her plan gradually came true.

Now, without his protection, Jean could do anything she wanted to do, and she didn't need to care
about him.

Jean swore to herself that she would make Joan experience the most painful thing in the world. She
swore that she would make her suffer like this for the rest of her life.

If she could recover, Jean would be tortured as hard as she was now. She would never allow such a
thing to happen. She would make Joan disappear from the world, or maybe from Darren's world.

No one could imagine how much she hated and envied Joan.

A few days ago, Adam's friend had an accident in another city. After entering the mountain for a few
days, the phone was finally connected again. The first news came to him was that she had kidnapped
Jean in a desperate way.

"Now that you did it, I have to think harder," Adam said.

On the surface, Darren's change seemed to be reasonable. Joan was cold and Lola was passionate.
All men with normal sexual preference would choose the latter. But on the other hand, Scott felt
something was wrong.

Before he had a thorough investigation, she took action.

The phone was like a chain of locks, which made Jean restless all night.

"What do you mean, Scott? It's such a rare chance that he doesn't stay with her. I've been waiting for
this day for so long. But you called me and asked me to release this woman. " She was short of breath
and she was gasping for breath.

"Are you out of your mind?" Seeing that something was about to happen, Scott had no strength to
pretend to be calm any more. "While Joan was ignoring Darren, Lola grasped his heart step by step.
But you were ruining our big plan because of your stupidity!"

A huge assets of the Lu Company and a woman's revenge, it was not hard to tell which one was the
most important one.

Without saying a word, Jean hung up the phone and put their numbers in the blacklist. She had her
own plan.

Now that it was finished, maybe when she went back, they would not scold her or even thank her like.

"How's it going with Lady Qi?"

The man on the other end of the phone answered respectfully, "everything is ready as you requested.
Miss Qi and I have been to the abandoned factory in the suburb."

"Give the phone to Miss Qi."

Lola smiled faintly and took the phone from the man's hand. "Sister, what do I need to do now? I've
arranged an appointment with Darren for dinner. He'll arrive in a few minutes. Ten minutes later, I'll
have an appointment with him. "

Also, it could prove whether his love. If he could leave Joan behind and come to her, then she could
really accompany Darren without hesitation.

Nick and Joan would be the past.

She looked at the time, and then turned to look at Joan, who was curled up in the corner. "I'm about to
call the man you once loved so much to save you. Miss Gu, no matter how wronged you are, I'll let you
go as long as I get what I want," she said

What do you want? He can't give you that.

Joan said in a cold voice. She didn't know whether it was a drawing, a contract or some important

"Do you think you can force him to give in by tying me up?" She tried to shrink herself. The cool air on
the ground made her lower abdomen slightly bloated and very uncomfortable. "I haven't seen him for a
long time. I heard that he was very angry with me for my flash of goodbye and so he reasonably stayed
with Lola. You should kidnapped her, right?"

Every one of them kept a secret from Darren. Joan's departure didn't affect him at all. He went to work,
came off work, had a meeting and acted as usual.

They felt that he was not the man as he had been so happy in the office a few days ago.

"Great. You should thank me. I will let you know whether he likes you or not. What a poor woman!"

She approached Joan and forced her to look into her eyes. "How do you feel now? The people you like
all leave you. You can't beat me or her. You are such a loser. "

Joan did not deny it. Instead, she gave a noncommittal smile.

She had never disdained to compete with them for love. If they could compete for love and people, how
could she make this love worthy of her life.

Ever since she was a little girl, her father had taught her to keep her self-esteem and self-respect. First
of all, to make others respect you to make you composed.

"I disdain your skittish way of seducing men by your face and body." She lowered her eyes and looked
at her stained shoes.

"I have nothing to say. If Darren's family likes a rich and powerful woman who can only be their
daughter-in-law. I don't think this position is suitable for me."

She had thought about all kinds of possibilities, but she hadn't guessed why Darren did so.

There were so many people who seemed to be irrelevant to him, but in fact they were closely related to
him. All of them expressed different opinions.

If she didn't pretend to be tired or accepted the fact, how could she find out their loopholes.

Jean handed the phone over to the man behind him. He wore a blue mask with a big brim of hat over
his eyes, blocking the only light bulb that could hang down on his head. His face was in black and his
original appearance couldn't be seen at all.

"If you want to call Darren, you can go to call him and see how much she is worth."

The moon was bright and the ground was cold. Joan's legs went numb. She slightly adjusted her

They were talking on the phone far away from her. Joan couldn't hear clearly what they said on the
phone. She could only see Joan's expression. It seemed that she had confidence.

Darren was very busy these days. He was busy with the jewelry show's fashion show, and now he had
to deal with the things about Lola. He must be exhausted.

Unconsciously, her arm touched her abdomen. Because of the cold air on the ground, it was a little
uncomfortable. In fact, she was not that effeminate. She had been in prison over the years, wet and
dark. The grievance at that moment was not too serious for her.

But she didn't know whether her unborn baby could bear it or not, so she gave in.

So many days passed, but we found nothing.

Sitting in the car, Darren's closed eyes with eyelashes trembled slightly.

Austin knew that these days, he had been fine looking, but deep down he was restless.

"If your friend delayed his action, I'm afraid we can't find Joan anymore," To avoid attracting attention,
he hadn't asked anybody else to do anything. His comrade who was once Austin's life-and-death friend
had just left the army. Now he was helping him deal with affairs.

However, he had failed to find any clues about her so far. Just like the man suddenly disappeared from
the earth, he was suddenly nowhere to be found.

"No matter where she is, she always wants to watch the news. If you two are showing up, she won't
forgive you."

Austin complained in his heart. Because of Joan, Linda saw him as if she had seen a murderer. No
matter how he explained, she was ready to ask him out at any time.

"Don't you know that if the prince is an awful killer who dug his own grave and ruined his people, but in
fact his imperial concubine is the culprit?" She looked at Austin from top to bottom and said, "you're an
imperial concubine around Darren. You two are birds of a feather; one is doing evils, and the other is
helping to hide. You're really life-and-death brothers. Good friends!"

If it was someone else, he wouldn't bother to explain. He didn't care whether it was black or white in
others' eyes. But somehow his attitude towards Linda had changed.

When she misunderstood him, he would talk hurriedly and stutter; when she was sick, he would worry.

Of course, he didn't show any of these feelings in front of Linda. As soon as the man's eyes touched
Linda's, Austin's language ability vanished. He took a step forward and squatted down in pain.

Austin's nose hit against the door of the bedroom. It hurt so bad that his tears came out a little. No one
had seen him like this in years.

How could he not be angry.

"Of course I know what you said!" He asked in a much heavier tone. "Do you think that I am willing to
put on a mask to play with them every day?"


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