Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 62 A Date In Private

Joan swore to herself that she was not a liar!

She was not used to lying. The spicy food covered her red face. She lowered her head and looked at
him. "I, I'm not kidding. I just need time to think about it."

'Darren, you can't blame me. If I didn't care too much and wasn't too timid, if I was not afraid that I
couldn't have all the love you gave me, I wouldn't have been so suffering.

It was much braver for her to say no than to say yes.

"But Joan, you said the different words a few days ago. You've already agreed to marry me, haven't
you?" He grabbed her wrist, raised her hand with the couple ring and put it in his palm.

The two pairs of rings, one in each size, were shining brightly in the light. Joan just felt them harsh to
her eyes. Stiffly and in a distance, she pushed Darren away and said, "I'm not feeling well today. Let's
talk about it later, okay?"

"Let's eat." Avoiding the burning eyes, Joan sat down and continued eating. Her stomach was already
full, and she was unable to swallow anything.

But now, apart from eating, it seemed that she couldn't do anything else. She could feel his anger
which made him very unhappy.

She could feel it.

"Why do you hate the Lu family so much? Or you have never thought of marrying me? "

Putting the spoon into the plate, they heard a sharp sound. He looked up at the girl who apparently had
a big appetite and did not save her face. "Joan, I can win or lose in the business world but I don't want
to be cheated and used. This is my base line."

Nobody knew since when they had talked like this. Their conversation had been full of suspicion of
each other. She had tried to find out whether she was the one he loved most in his whole life by
surveying his first love from all kinds of sources. His rejection always reminded her of her ex-husband.

She took a sip of the lemonade and looked at him with her watery eyes. She knew that she couldn't live
up to the romantic evening and the ambiguous atmosphere around them.

She only said, "Darren, I also have my bottom line. I hope that we two can never lie to each other."

They would never lie to each other.

Then, he raised his head and tasted the wine in the glass. He knew that he shouldn't have drunk the
wine in this way, but he was in no mood to enjoy it.

"If you are not in a good mood, I can drive you home. You have been eating with your head lowered
since night. Aren't you afraid of being stuffed to death?"

Darren's words were like an imperial order to Joan, and they threw down her chopsticks in a hurry and
left the restaurant one after another after he paid the bill.

The atmosphere in the car was very cold. They didn't talk much on the way. She didn't know why she
felt dizzy in Darren's car, but she had a terrible feeling in her stomach.

"Let me escort you upstairs." It was his habit. Every night when he came back home, he would send
Joan upstairs on purpose. He was afraid that something would happen to her. Joan's stomach wouldn't
stop churning as soon as she opened the door. She ran to the bathroom without taking off her shoes
and threw up all the food she had eaten at night.

She grabbed the edge of the toilet and began to vomit, Darren's hands

trying to keep her hair from falling on the filthy vomit.

Gradually, both of them calmed down and sat on the sofa with a glass of water in their hands.

"What do you want to ask me?" They uttered almost the same words at the same time, but they both
fell into silence.

When Joan was getting better, he thought it necessary to sit down and have a talk with her.

Scott's project was much smaller than that of Lu Company, and the decoration time was much shorter
than that of Lu Company. When they gathered together, Party A specially called in Charles Lu to join
the party.

After all, Scott and Darren would become a headline when they appeared together.

During the dinner, Scott just hid his capacities and bided his time. He really showed his mature self in
front of Darren.

In the bathroom next to the window, Darren looked at his face in the mirror. The warm water splashed
on his hands and he rubbed his fingers gracefully.

"Mr. Lu, Congratulations! Your business volume is now highly valued, and now the stock market
condition and even the construction industry are all under your control. Congratulations!"

Scott was washing his hands in the basin beside him. He said it peacefully. It sounded like an praise.

However, Darren had never been fond of such a kind of person, so he just snorted with a snort,
indicating that he was about to leave after hearing what he said.

"A few days ago, I made an appointment with Joan to have a cup of coffee. She was as happy as
before. She likes a cafe at the back street of our house. The dogs owned by the owner like her very
much. You can take her there if she is unhappy in the future."

He acted as if she had been in love with Joan before. He patted on his shoulder and pretended not to
see his angry face. "She always overthought things, so sometimes she is sensitive and unhappy. I
know you must think that I am not qualified to say these words, but I am really for her and I hope she
can be happy."

"Did you meet each other? You did it on purpose. What do you want her to know? "

It turned out to be him. He and Austin once suspected that his mother embarrassed Joan, which
resulted in her low spirits in the past few days. She was abnormally against marriage.

As for Scott, he seemed to have known everything. Sure enough, Joan was still suspicious of him. The
anger and determination she had towards him at that time was not entirely due to her obvious disgust
towards him, but most of the truths she had believed.

More care, more trouble. It seemed that he and Nick had made a right choice.

He shook the water in his hands and took out a handkerchief from his pocket. When he was doing this,
something unusual fell from his pocket.

"By the way, if I didn't drop it out on the street, I would have forgotten that," He picked up the black
bank card from the floor and shook it in front of Darren's eyes, "She is too polite to me. She carelessly
broke my things and insisted on paying me for the damages."

But Darren didn't show anger on his face. He stood there like a daredevil against the cold wind, letting
Scott put the card into his pocket.

"I know she made money for her out of her own ability. But it's still your money. I feel weird if I accept it.
But, Darren, I can tolerate you in any way. But if I find that she has some feelings for me, I won't let it

This time, he behaved differently from before in front of the other people at the party. He looked at
Darren. Although Darren was a little shorter than him, he looked as imposing as him.

"Are you furious for a beauty?" "Don't forget you are a married man now. Do you want to commit the
crime of multiple marriage? Or do you think Joan is the kind of woman who might have an affair with a
married man like you? "

"My marriage?"

Hearing that, Scott burst into laughter all of a sudden. "You have schemed to let me know that my
marriage is a mistake. I can end this joke anytime. To be honest, I really want to thank you. "

Darren's fists clenched. Scott detected his angry aura. 'He never debased himself in front of others. I
don't think he will punch me, ' he thought.

But he was wrong this time. Darren was calm. The calmer he was, the more reckless he could become.
He didn't care about the result at all.

He didn't show his mood easily because no one had touched his bottom line that he couldn't stand, but
today, Scott had pointed it out.

With a punch on the left, Scott was knocked down on the mirror. His hands were against the sink to
prevent his head from knocking into the mirror.

"I've always thought that someone would play tricks on me in front of Joan. I know that you're a vile
person. But I didn't expect that you're even not pretending to be a good person now. Are you
investigating me behind my back?"

He grabbed his neck and forced him to look into her eyes. "Tell me, who do you plan this with?
Otherwise, you won't know so many things about me. If you don't tell me, I will not take care of our

fathers' friendship. "

"Darren Lu, are you scared?"

Without any hesitation, Darren raised his right hand and punched Scott on the face, trying to conceal
his true feelings.

He was indeed a little worried. Who was it? 'Is it my mother, Anna? Nick Lu?' They were the only two
persons in his mind who were suspicious. Austin couldn't get involved with him and Selina, who had
been working for him for many years, would never cheat on him.

After careful consideration, he guessed that they might be the only ones who would do such a thing.

"It's Nick, isn't it?" He said in a certain tone. He keenly captured the concerns in his eyes and
understood it.

"Darren Lu, you can't always be so superior to me. I will let you enjoy the feeling of admiring others one
day." Then he took a deep breath and said, "I will ask Joan out again. You don't have the right to stop
me, nor do you have any evidence to charge me of that. Do you think it's fun, Darren Lu? I think the
game is about to start. It's about to be the time to decide the winner. "

When they came out, Darren's clothes were wrinkled, and Scott left in a hurry with his blue mask. After
looking at each other, Austin and Selina had a better understanding of what was going on.

The two young men were fighting secretly.


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