Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 35 Manner

"Scott, it seems that I was fortunate enough not to die at your hands. I should thank you for your mercy.
You just sent me to prison at that time and didn't sell me to a whorehouse."

His face was like a mask, which made Joan believe that all the beauty in the world was real. But once
the mask was exposed a little, it was awkward.

Take care.

She put her hand on the door knob, turned around and said ambiguously, "I advise you to spend some
time with your beautiful wife. If a woman feels lonely for a long time, she will cheat on you."

After saying that, she went back to the company in a good mood.

When she sat in the car, Darren's face flashed through her mind. She had helped him a lot with the
design. She felt that someone was with her since she met Darren by accident.

She was bullied. He backed her up. When she got hurt, he took her to the hospital.

However, when she thought of their agreement that she was only his nominal girlfriend, her heart
skipped a beat. It was a terrible signal. Joan started to look forward to something subconsciously.

There were two loud knocks on the door. With boss's permission, Joan slipped into the room.

"What's up?" The man's voice was cold, but when Joan approached, his ears turned a bit hot.

"Nothing." A dash of shyness flashed across Joan's face. "I just wanted to thank you in person," she

"Thank me?" He put down the things in his hands and walked up to Joan. "How do you plan to thank

He approached Joan with an evil smile.

"I'm serious." She gently pushed him and said, "Thank you for helping me, such a powerless and
ordinary person. Thank you for always appearing in front of me when I need help."

Sometimes she could tell who was worth trust when she was relaxed. Scott was sneering at her. She
was not the daughter of the Gu family. What's more, Darren had helped her always.

Maybe she should thank that muddy rainy night, or maybe she should thank Scott for not coming to
pick her up.

When he heard these words, Darren felt a little embarrassed. He looked at the simple Joan, who of
course would not know the story in his heart except for himself.

At that time, he wanted to protect her and be nice to her because she looked like his old friend.

But after getting along with her for a long time, he deeply realized that he had a crush on her, not
because of that woman.

"I am free tonight. You could invite me for dinner." He pursed his lips and changed the topic stiffly.

"I don't have money, so I can't afford to invite you to any good restaurant. We can only eat the fried
chicken chop by the roadside. Do you still want to go there?"

It seemed that money was a crime. He looked at the woman in front of him and teased him with a tone
of hatred.

She used to be a wealthy lady. She didn't expect that there was a change between the two roles and

she was now sitting like a small teacher with a whip.

And she could accept street stalls now. If he could eat the western food gracefully, then he should feel
that he was capable of eating the kebabs and spears with manners at the roadside.

As soon as Scott opened the door and came home, he found a pungent smoke. It was obvious that she
had deliberately opened the window and put it there for a long time, but it couldn't dissipate.

"Jean, come down!" She stood in front of the stairs on the second floor and shouted.

Before she reached the room, a porcelain ashtray rattled down the stairs. It was bought by her father at
a Hong Kong martial arts auction. Because she liked it, she brought it along with her dowry.

But now, it was broken. It made Scott furious. He rushed upstairs. On the way upstairs, Jean was
sitting on the edge of the bed, with a half burning cigarette between her fingers.

"You still remember to come back? I guess from which cave came the spider spirit, which made you so
obsessed that you would never come back."

However, before she could finish her words, she was shoved by Scott at once. "Shit! Do you think you
can do anything as you get married? You've broken things. Do you know what you broke just now?"

"What is it?" Jean stood up, straightened her neck and refused to admit her mistake. "You really have a
large fortune, do you think it's a big deal for me to break an ashtray? Look at you! You are such a mean
man! "

Scott was furious. He had come back today to spend more time with his wife. Absence makes the heart
grow fonder.

But as soon as he stepped into the house, he was greeted home by Jean in this way. He couldn't
understand this woman who was so pure before marriage was capable of making porridge for him

every day, making love with him and kissing him with her arms around his waist. How could she
become like this.

Smoking, drinking was by no means related to innocence.

"Don't you want your baby anymore? It's okay that you don't want to live, but my child wants to live
well. " Looking at the mess on the ground, Scott couldn't help but complain, "You are such a brainless
woman. Perhaps the ashtray is a pair of blue and white porcelain. It's an antique from Hong Kong at a
high price. Joan's bought it at a high price. You are so angry that you even crumbled it. You are really

It would be fine if only Scott hadn't mentioned her name. However, everything seemed to have
changed when he mentioned her name. Jean was so angry that she couldn't help sobbing.

"I know you still have feelings for that woman! I shouldn't have married you. That vicious woman had
hurt my child. Now my husband seems to miss her. And just as the old people said, I can't marry the
man who was once married. "

She couldn't help but sob. She didn't know whether it was true or not. Thinking of that he had called
Joan a few days ago, she was even more upset.

Scott just sat aside and said nothing. It seemed that he was trying to put a restraint on her anger.
However, this kind of silence was not the kind Jean liked. Thus, she played her last card and said, "My
husband doesn't love me, and my children are not welcomed either. What am I doing here? I think it's
better for us to leave as soon as possible. We don't want to be an eyesore here. "

However, the phone was even more noisy than that of Jean's. The phone was hung up for the first
time, but it was still called tirelessly.

"What are you doing?" The assistant was startled by the furious voice. She took the phone away from
her ear. Scott was in a bad mood now, and what she was going to tell him would make him worse.

"Scott." She said gingerly, "I heard that Mr. Li went to Mr. Lu's wine party last night. This morning, he
cancelled the next project with us and then went to the Lu Company to take over it."

What! After more than ten years of cooperation, HY Real Estate was the largest client of the simple
company, almost half of the employees' salary and the profit amount were from it.

Moreover, he had put a lot of work on Mr. Li, and he almost offered him like an emperor with incense,
food, shelter, and other things. As long as he prepared gifts, he ranked the most important on the list,
he always got the best for him.

Mr. Li was a playboy and always stirred up trouble in the brothel. He even went there at midnight to
clear up the mess for him.

Our efforts paid off for ten years of stability. Mr. Li said for countless times, "From now on, as long as
it's my job, I'll give it all to the Jian Company."

It was also because of this sentence that he had never thought that even HY Real Estate would be
taken away by Darren.

Looking at the phone thrown out by Scott, Jean gasped for breath and stopped crying. She was a
smart woman and knew that she shouldn't be crying at this moment.

She asked tentatively, "Something happened in the company?"

"The story about 'the farmer and the snake'! That ungrateful and vicious Billy Li! "

"HY Real Estate?" Compared to Joan, the most tricky thing was that she didn't trust husband and wife's
trust. The most important thing was to manage the company's business. She had heard about the HY
Real Estate, which was closely related to the Jian Company.

Their stock, securities closely related to the Jian Company.

Scott said Darren's name through his gritted teeth. He knew it clearly who had done it, and Darren
never hid it. He competed with him openly and let the news spread to his assistant deliberately.
Everyone in the business circle knew that it was his usual style!

But the truth was, he was holding Joan's design in his hand, which was like holding the biggest trump
card. And now, Joan's talents in design were like the biggest gilded brand in the Lu Company.

Under the eaves, he had to lower his head. He silently walked over and picked up the phone that had
been thrown aside. He dialed the private number of Darren Lu that his assistant had just found out.

"Mr. Lu, when do you have time? We haven't had a meal together for a long time." He tried his best to
make him happy on the phone.

It was just as he had expected. He stood up, looked at Joan, who was devouring her saliva, and left the

"You're clever, Mr. Jian. Few people know my private number."

Scott greeted him politely but cursed in mind for many times. He used the gesture of the weak begging
to the strong to talk about the importance of the HY Real Estate to him.

He said, "Mr. Lu is so rich that you don't care about only the appearance of HY Real Estate, but I still
have to live with the little money you don't care."


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