Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 12 The Final

Darren put his phone back to his pocket and stood in front of the French window. The beige gauze
curtain was gradually penetrating by the sun. His shadow could clearly be seen on the face of the
sleeping girl.

As if sensing the light in front of her eyes, Joan smiled and gradually opened her blurred eyes.

Hearing the rustling sound behind him, Darren turned around and put the cup on the table in front of
her. The warm water still didn't dissipate and the white smoke was in front of her eyes.

"Good morning." There was no superfluous emotion in his tone. "How do you think about the thing I
mentioned last night?"

Joan managed to collect her thoughts. She took the glass of water in front of her and gulped it down.
The lukewarm water made her throat a little uncomfortable. She used her hand to brush her hair that
was a little bit messy after sleep and gazed at Darren.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. I may disappoint you. Indeed, your condition is very tempting to me. And it can be
said that the reason of the bankruptcy is something I am most eager to know."

Everything seemed to be the same as he had imagined. However, all of a sudden, Joan changed the
topic. "But I'm going to investigate my family by myself. I'm afraid that I'm not qualified to be your wife."

"Woman, I advise you to think twice before you speak. I will give you some time to think about it. "

"No need!" His words were cut off by Joan. His brows furrowed. Most of the entrepreneurs he had met
before didn't have the guts to cut in his words.

Moreover, he never gave others a second chance to make a choice. Today was the first time for him to
make an exception, but he was refused so decisively and ruthlessly.

Joan tidied her collar and took out the powder compact from her handbag to cover bruises under her
eyes, she blurted out, "Mr. Lu, I have thought it through. Thank you for your kindness, and thank you
for taking me in."


He picked up the glass cup with lipstick mark left on it. His face darkened. Joan. You will definitely
regret this decision!

She had lost her job once again. She could only buy a piece of bread every day. Sitting in the fast food
restaurant and seeing the waiter's disgusted expression, she had the thick skin to stay there for the
whole day. In addition to buying nothing, she also needed to drink a few free cups of mineral water. She
kept taking notes on the recruitment information.

Few companies provided appropriate job positions. Besides, several interviewers had interviewed her.
When they saw her "unclean" curriculum vitae, they all chose to stay away from her. That was why they
failed again and again. Besides, all the companies gave the same opening remarks.

"Miss Gu, we've seen your resume, but..."

They tried to speak in a more euphemistic way expressing hatred to the dirty time she had spent in
prison for three years. At the beginning, she felt a little upset. Later, she was used to turning her
resume back, as if what they had said was not herself, and left indifferently.

Everything comes to the one who waits. Joan always cheers herself up.

Sure enough, she was attracted by the national competition of architectural design in a newspaper
today. The bonus was an ideal number for her at the moment. She quickly closed the newspaper, went
back to her temporary apartment provided by Darren and opened the computer.

The screen saver was her favorite design, which was a well-known design draft making Jian Company

It was the design of the Epiphyllum park. Three years ago, there was a lot of garbage where even
passers-by had to cover their mouths and nose when passing by. When she passed by on bus a few
days ago, there were full of birds and blossoms.

It seemed that in the past three years when she was away, Scott worked hard. She still remembered
clearly how cunning he was when he stared at this draft like a wolf.

He held her tightly in his arms and said ambitiously, "Joan, I must turn your design into reality. I will win
the bid and make your dream come true."

"Clap." Her wireless mouse fell to the ground. Joan threw the plan to the recycling center, cleaning it

Now she recalled that the hands that had touched her were wandering on another woman, and she felt
disgusted somehow. She could forgive many things, except for disloyalty.

Not at all.

It suddenly occurred to her the idea she came up with when facing a power net in prison. Joan was
absorbed in her work and pulled a blanket over her legs. Without moving a bit, she changed her ideas
into a design by mouse and several fast buttons.

Concentrating on the meeting, she didn't notice a noise in the doorway. Darren placed a finger on his
lips, motioning for the assistant to be quiet. Selina obediently exited the office. She felt that Mr. Lu had
really changed a lot. He would never bear to wait for others before.

She fixed her eyes on her little back, which led to a image in his mind. He saw her face, the face he
had been missing day and night.

She was still waving at him and smiling. Suddenly, he turned around and left the room. Selina was
stunned but followed him quickly.

Joan's designs were still as eye-catching as they were in the past. She won almost all the judges'
appreciation in every competition. One day before the final, Linda dragged her to a shopping mall. Joan
was very confident about her design.

"This dress is nice and the color is pleasant." Linda continued to measure the clothes on her, but Joan
pulled them off meekly. Linda said, "Don't worry. I'll buy it for you."

Her clothes were smooth and bright, which brightened her fair skin. When she reached the final, she
ran into a person she hated the most.

"Jean?" Joan gave a snort in her nose and said, "You know nothing about design."

"You are the one who can't design, not her."

A familiar voice came from the distance. Scott strolled over. "I'm the sponsor of this competition. You
said you didn't want my money when you divorced. Now you're trying to win my bonus."

As soon as he finished speaking, she withdrew her fingers one by one and clenched her fists tightly.

The scorn of Jean and the indifference of Scott. She didn't want to see them for one more


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