Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 66 Change A Job

If Scott were not her playmate in childhood and not stayed by her side as a knight from childhood, she
would probably be frank enough and wouldn't hide her feelings towards boys she liked.

She couldn't imagine what would happen if she met Darren a few years earlier.

Perhaps she wasn't so sensitive, and perhaps he wasn't so indifferent and harder to get close to.

"At the beginning, I did feel that this girl was very attractive to me by every move she made. But as time
went by, I found that her love for me was not as pure as before."

Therefore, when he rushed to the airport and got the news that she was gone, he was very sad.

"Move back? Can you give me one more chance? I was so scared to lose you, so I blurted it out. I'll
pay attention to it from now on and won't let you feel wronged again."

Joan opened her mouth, looked at his big hand on her belly and said, "Well, if you dare to get angry
with me again, I'll run away from home with my child."


"Don't lie to me about anything in the future."

"Okay, you can't either! Don't meet that man without telling me. "

Said Darren in an overbearing manner.

"You should know that you are pregnant with my child. If anything happens to you, I may be the next
person to go to prison!"

Joan took her finger back unconsciously. It had left a shadow in her heart. "Why?" she asked in fear.

"I'm afraid I'll kill someone."

After witnessing what had happened at the gate, Austin touched Linda's elbow and said, "I'll drive you
home. You can go and pack up Miss Gu's clothes. It seems that Mr. Lu will surely take her back today."

On the way back, she had been gazing at the handsome driver's face from time to time.

'Oh, does handsome boss also hire handsome subordinates?' He was so handsome when he was
driving. Linda almost drooled at the sight of him. The place where she worked was like a nun convent.
Besides, it was a nun with bitches all over it.

She hadn't seen a man for a long time, let alone such a handsome man. It was not her fault to be rude.

"Miss Ji, is there anything on my face? You have been peeking at me several times. "

"How... How did you know that I was peeking at you?" He knew it was just a peep, but he still could not
understand amorous feelings so easily. She was a girl, but he did not show any respect at all.
Handsome guys seemed to have lower EQ.

He had experienced a lot of this when he was in college, and believed that all the people who made
friends with Joan were as innocent as her.

After all, he had been in the army for many years and had a good perception of every movement that
ordinary people could not notice.

"Miss Ji unscrewed the cap with a bottle of water and looked at me once. Then you pretended to bend
down and pick up the bottle. You glanced at me again when opening the backpack zipper and just now
when lifting your hair aside. Did I say anything wrong?"

He suddenly had the intention to tease her. Perhaps he was even in a better mood than usual now that
Darren and Joan were back together.

Her face was as beautiful as the burning clouds in the West. She continued, "You didn't say anything
wrong. But I want to know how you can do two things at the same time. Obviously, you have been
paying attention to the road ahead. In addition, you should pay attention to the traffic jam. How can you
notice my little trick?"

"There is more. Just now, you took out a small mirror from your bag and looked at yourself in it for two
times. You have used a mobile phone for once. If I remember correctly, you opened the Wechat
interface. And there should be a pink headphone in your bag. You used your left hand when you
unzipped the knot. Did I say anything wrong?"

People around Darren were all unscrupulous! Every single word that he said was true that even the
pink headphones.

"You are Mr. Lu's private detective? Or his private lawyer? "

"I'm just his personal bodyguard. I don't have a good education, and I haven't even graduated from
university. How can I be a lawyer?"

Austin was interested in reconnaissance and law. If things went right, he would apply for further
education. Perhaps he was a member of a well-known foreign university.

It was indeed a pity that they hadn't graduated from a university. Originally, Linda wanted to ask Austin
what he was thinking about, but she decided not to ask him anymore after seeing his expression. As a
journalist, she perceived that he must have something on his mind and didn't want to share it with her.

Both Selina and Austin were busy with Darren and Joan, so they had no idea what was going on in the
company. Nick was like a wild horse with little rein, and nobody in the company could stop him.

He told Scott about the reason why Darren went out and how he behaved abnormally. Then, he
immediately sent people to follow Darren. He didn't care whether it was Darren, Selina or Austin. He

would follow them to get what he wanted.

'Poor Nick, thank you.'

Scott poured the red wine in the glass into her throat and approached Jean, holding a glass of red

"I just heard you talk over the phone. What happened to Joan? She is now Mr. Lu's wife to be, but you
still miss her? Do you want me to torture you? "

"If you can live here, then just live here quietly. I won't provoke you, and so do you. If you can't, I don't
mind a divorce again. Do you think it's impossible for me divorcing you?"

Although divorcing repeatedly was bad for their reputation, and their partners might think that they are
unreliable in love, as well as in business, just like actors and actresses, it was important for them to
have a good reputation.

But he couldn't let Jean be too proud and arrogant. Since she was exposed that she used him, she
didn't have to pretend to be virtuous and gentle anymore.

"Of course you won't mind. Moreover, people in this industry don't know about it, but everyone knows
that since Joan has straightened her out, the public opinion is all on her side. You've already been a
scum. Of course you don't care about being a scum again."

She curved her hair backwards and continued, "But shouldn't you care about more assets? As far as I
know, you are definitely regretful to be restrained by me. If we get divorced, I can share half of your
money, house, car, and even anything else. "

She rubbed her fingers. "And I also have a part of the shares of your company. If you want to get rid of
me, you can dream it, Scott. As for Joan, I will definitely make her have a hard time one day."

He didn't bother to argue with her and let her misunderstand him. He was not the kind of man who
would turn back on an old pasture. Everyone was just a tool for him to reap what he had sown.

Before, he had used to take advantage of Jean's belly, and he had taken advantage of Joan's financial
resources and reputation, too.

"As you like." He looked at her coldly, picked up his wallet and left home. Now he just wanted to find a
quiet place to think about the next step, and did not have time to argue with this woman here.

A car in the distance turned on the high light after seeing Scott's car disappeared in the darkness. The
person in the apartment heard the sound and walked towards the car.

The car window was rolled down slowly. What appeared in front of her was still that familiar and
strange face.

"Miss Bai has come down like this. Can't even you keep your husband by your own charm?"

The man took off his sunglasses and revealed a charming smile.

She looked at him from head to toe and said, "I'm in low spirits. You are right, I'm a woman who lacks
love from my husband. But who gave me this? How dare you come to see me? "

She touched Adam's chest with her white finger. Two of them were in dark, one was dark and the other
was white. The difference was strong. One was calm, while the other was furious.

"That's it, Jean? It's true that I hurt you, but who would have thought that Darren was so powerful? I've
been in this circle for so many years, but it's the first time that I lost a step. Someone set me up. "

Resting her soft hand on his, Adam said, "Don't worry. I remember the young couple. I will surely take
revenge for you. But you have no high position in the company, and you don't know much about

design. Why don't you change a job?"

This really moved Jean. Unlike Joan, she was not interested in design, so she couldn't do better. When
she saw books and her sketches, she was disgusted.

However, she really didn't know what she could do. Recently, she had been treated like a stranger by
Scott. She couldn't ask him for money often, and she also had to bear the contempt from him.

"Do you have any idea?"

"Miss Bai is a natural beauty. It seems that you are supposed to be a model. What's more, I know a
more important inside information that is related to Darren Lu and Joan Gu."

Upon hearing the name, Jean was so agitated that she raised her tone, "It has something to do with
them? What is it? "

"Lola Qi, the woman who once stood on Darren Lu's shoulder, seems to be planning to come back
recently. I know she has a famous model abroad and she is coming back. Guess what she will do."

Adam stretched out his hand and lit a cigar. The heavy smoke was sprayed on her face, teasing her
very much.


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