Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 15 Refusal To Your Handouts

Sometimes, a smile was the best refusal. Joan smiled and said nothing. She didn't want to have too
much interaction with Darren, so no matter how tempting his conditions were, she didn't want to work
for him.

Even though she was in a difficult situation, Joan would not surrender until the last minute.

"Stop the car."

Since the air was filled with a signal of explosion, the driver had to parked the car obediently in the
forbidden area. After all, he didn't have to pay the fine.

In S City, no one would dare to fine Darren's car. They were afraid when they saw the familiar plate
number from a distance, and they would go away.

Because of the sudden brake, Joan smacked her face against the back of the front seat.

"Are you a dog? You were happy just now and all of a sudden you would bite me. "

She rubbed her nose and muttered with resentment. The words of her

even made the driver take a deep breath.

Did he hear it wrong? 'How dare she talk to my boss like that? Damn it! The leather seat of the car will
be soaked in blood today, ' he thought to himself.

Joan didn't realize what she had said was wrong. She looked at Darren and said calmly, "Why are you
staring at me like that? I don't want to work for you. I was trying to thank you for helping me out of this,
but now I don't want to say anything. Open the door. I want to get out of the car! I can find a job without
you. "

She tried to move the door handle but failed.

"Go and buy me a cigarette. You know the brand. " He sent the driver away with an excuse and
reached out his hand. The driver understood and put the small car key in his palm.

Without the driver, the atmosphere in the car suddenly became warm and romantic. With a snicker,
Darren loosened his tie, looked at the girl and pinched her chin.

"How can you not be able to confront Jean?" He rubbed the hair scattered around her temples with his
fingers, and saw the teeth marks on her lips.

"Why are you so nervous?" The place his fingers touched seemed to be under high pressure, and she
was trembling. Despite of this, she still tried to say, "I'm not nervous."

"Not nervous?" He smiled evilly and got closer to her, with only a few millimeters between her lips.

He could touch her with just a little push.

"I surrender." All of a sudden, Joan closed her eyes. His arrogant and disrespectful look only reminded
her of a poem.

"The handsome man resembles a tree standing straight in the wind. "

He gently knocked on the car key in his hand and unlocked the door. Without looking at Joan, he let her
get out of the car. "I never ask for others' help or force anyone to do anything. You will regret one day,
my little woman. You can come to me at any time. "

Joan didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. 'Is this a curse given by him?' He should expect her to be
good. She didn't want to live on any man. She looked down at her own bare nails which seemed to be
able to snap back, since she had often done part-time jobs in the prison. The hangnails on her hands,
like weeds, were overgrown.

She wished everything was still in the past when she still had her father and her husband. She could
wear a lovely silk pajama and sit under the crystal lamp, rubbing the polished nails.

But now, her hands had to do man's job.

Then she made a call to Linda and told her about their re-encountering today briefly on the phone. In
the end, she even said casually, "Thank god, Darren arrived in time. Otherwise, I don't know if I would
be sent back to prison for some reasons today.".

A loud voice rose near her ear, "What? 'That bastard is everywhere all the time!' Did that slut do
anything to you? "

"Who am I? Only I could do something to her. And you didn't know when Darren came, how weird their
expressions were. They wanted to cry but they couldn't. They had to smile at me. It was so cool." She
walked briskly and hummed a tune happily.

At the other end of the line, Linda flipped the hairpin in her hair. She didn't have an interview mission
today, so she was very bored in the office. At that moment, Joan called, and she began to mess with

"Have you ever thought that Mr. Lu might really have a crush on you? If you are willing to, you might
date him, piss off those bastards and send them to prison."

'What does Darren have on her? 'no way, that's impossible. If he wants to wash his feet and have his
own children, there are so many beautiful women who will be willing to do this for him. He is able to be
with different women every day. Why would a woman, who was abandoned by her husband and had
been put in prison, attract him?' she wondered.

The more she thought about it, the more she had to settle down. The most urgent thing for her was to
find another job. When she could afford the rent, she had to move out from Darren's apartment.
Although she didn't win the prize in the competition and had no interest in it, her talent in design and
her unique design concept had been known to others. She believed that she would find a better job
than before.

However, when she looked around with her resume, she still couldn't find a job. Although the excuses
had been softened, the ultimate meaning was that she couldn't stay.

"Miss Gu, don't push me."

The director of HR said those ambiguous words while she was asking for an explanation. Joan's heart
skipped a beat.

Is it him? He tried so hard to get control of me.

She stormed out of the building, stood in the middle of the noisy street and called Darren. The voice on
the other side of the phone was as steady as usual, as if he had no other tone or emotion.

"Darren Lu, I'm telling you. I won't work for your company even if you try every means to drag me
down." Then she hung up the phone.

Darren Lu was somewhat angry for no reason, and he pressed the hotkey of his fixed phone, and
Selina came in it in one minute.

"What do you need me to do, Mr. Lu?"

"Find out who is plotting against Joan."


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