Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 13 A Plagiarism Incident

There was a great tumult among the judges. Some of them, who didn't know the truth, whispered to
each other and guessed what the relationship between the two women was guessing it might be their
old feud.

On the projection screen behind the two figures were two designs in completely different styles, but the
expressions of the two contestants were clearly confident. Scott snapped his fingers towards the sound
equipment staff nearby. Then the staff raised the volume of the equipment to the top. Since they had
tested many times before, and the microphones were connected. Everything was in order.

At this moment, everyone was looking at each other waiting for them to speak.

Before Joan could say something, Jean's sweet voice came through the microphone. Hearing that,
Joan, who was standing beside her, felt very uncomfortable. "Good afternoon, dear judges. Today is
the final stage of the competition, but... I'm going to say something else first. "

Some judges who just quieted down began to talk again. In contrast, Scott and Jean looked at each
other tacitly and smiled at Joan, in a cunning way.

She cleared her throat and smiled. "First, I want to introduce my opponent, the designer by my side to
all the judges!" She stressed the word "designer" with emphasis on it.

"Everybody, look at the contestant register in your hands. Her name is Joan, but her identity and history
are not as clean as those written on the information."

Joan looked at her coldly, trying to look back at her in a bold and disdainful way. She said, "Enough!
Why don't you tell them what kind of person you are? "

"Oh my god, Miss Gu! Did I say anything wrong? I'm so scared. You're always staring at me like that. I
don't dare to say anything. " Then she turned to look at Scott and said, "How about you tell everyone?"

Scott nodded. Joan, who was standing on the stage and watching them performing, couldn't help but
feel embarrassed. She was alone without backup and couldn't deal with anything.

She would never surrender to them!

The blue folder was waved in his hand. "I have an information about Miss. Gu. I'll send it to you all to
have a look. She is not a designer at all. She is a woman who has just been released from prison for a
few weeks. She has plagiarized an old design of Jean."

"Scott, you are good at making things up." She was about to lose her temper.

She didn't want her bonus and she didn't care whose design it was. This man didn't love her at all and
kept pressing her step by step. She felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

At that time, she was too young to understand the meaning of those unreal oath. Besides, she was too
young to understand Scott. The commitment he made was nothing. If the marriage could last long, the
divorce lawyers would surely become the poor.

When she was about to step down the first step, Jean rushed towards her with her high heels. She
waved her arms to stop her and said, "Don't go, Miss Gu. There are so many designers and reporters
under the stage. I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to leave like this."

Jean's lips were as red as blood, shining brightly. She pouted ," Guys, I'm not a mean woman. If you
like the design, you can take it if you want. But you are going to take Scott away, too. And you even set
me up by all means. You won't let go of my innocent child. "

It was a pity for Jean not being a good actress. Hearing the sensational news one after another, the
journalists couldn't keep silent any more. They turned on the recording equipment and laptop, unwilling
to let go of this sensational news.

"Miss Gu, did you really steal Miss Bai's design drawing for yourself?"

"Miss Gu, as the heiress of the Gu Company, you were once in a frenzy and framed up the abortion of
Miss Bai. Do you have anything to defend?"

"People keep guessing about the truth of your divorce with Mr. Jian. What's the truth?"

The shutter lights flashed in the dark, and people were surging. Jean shrugged and approached her
slowly like a snake.

"Joan, whom do you think they will believe in?"

The voice was very low, and only the two of them could hear it. Joan snorted coldly. She liked carving
very much when she was unable to design. Moreover, she carried a small blade with her. At this
moment, the sharp knife was against Jean's belly. The sharpness in Joan's eyes was even colder than
the knife.

"Don't take it too far now. I am afraid of nothing. "

"You..." She wasn't convinced, but all the terrible words were sealed in her throat because of the small
knife. The baby would always protect herself to marry to Scott. It was the last guarantee of her wealth.
She had miscarried because she set Joan up last time. But this time when she went to have a prenatal
examination, the doctor told her very seriously.

"Your uterus wall is too thin. If you can't keep this baby, I'm afraid you won't have another child in the

Even if she wanted to take advantage of her kid, she had to stay by Scott's side.

There were more and more questions, and the scene had been out of control. The security guards had
sent out to intercept the reporters who had tried to climb to the stage to interview directly. Everyone
was flustered.

The man sitting on the judge chair in the middle had a set of white, long hair. He was the most
experienced designer in the entire province. When he designed the drawing and covered the building,
Joan, as a child, was playing with muds in the backyard. He kept silent all the time and now he couldn't
help but speak.

"I hate plagiarism most in my life, Miss Gu. Please tell me, is this designed by you or not?"

Joan let go of Jean and said firmly, "Sir, I didn't copy."


"Who will believe a criminal who has been in jail before?" The audience started whispering. Their
voices were loud enough to be heard by those who had ulterior motives.

It was true, it was true.

Joan emphasized what she said, but it didn't work since Scott was the sponsor. She was isolated and

Everything went on as they expected, until a tall figure showed at the venue entrance.

"I believe you." The man said slowly. Only one sentence made the other people lose their stateliness.

"Mr. Lu, why didn't you tell me that you were here?" Even Scott took his hands out of his pockets and
greeted him immediately


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