Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 68 Make Things Difficult

"Move that table carefully. Don't make too much noise."

"Don't touch Mrs. Lu's belly. Take a detour."

Said Selina calmly while she was telling the moving men to move. But the one who was extremely NOT
calm was exactly Darren. He only felt that it was dangerous for anyone who stayed with Joan now.
They were several meters away from each other, but it seemed that they would fall down at any time.

He wanted Joan to move to his apartment instead of the Lu family. His grandfather had asked him
about it, and he had taken her back to see him several times. Joan was smart. She was interested in
playing chess after watching the games, and She bought a few books and began to study them.

Grandpa was old, and he liked quiet girls most, so he taught her several times.

However, Anna and Nick didn't welcome her at all. Joan didn't like them either.

"Darren, I have a feeling that your brother is more greedy than Scott. I don't know why he cannot be in
charge of the company? Does he have any bad hobby? Or any other story? "

Darren held her shoulders and put her on his soft big bed. He said, "My mother has spoiled him since
he was a child. He was younger than me, but he was more talkative than me. Every time we made a
mistake, I would get punished with my teeth gritted. When he turned around, he immediately went to
my mother to complain to her. And my mother always protected him. As a result, he is who he is today."

But even if Nick was spoiled by Anna, it cannot be like this. She was still a spoiled princess in her
childhood and suffered from lots of troubles.

"Of course not. I've been working in the company for so many days and I've never seen him. He is your
brother. Generally speaking, he should be the general manager or executive director in such a family
business. But why has he never been to the company?"

She kept asking such a series of questions. Darren gave her an indulgent kiss on the forehead. Since
he had promised her that he wouldn't hide anything from her, he would tell her whatever she asked.

"It's not that he doesn't come to the company. If he comes, I'll ask Austin or Selina to take him back,"

"Then why?" She blinked and asked.

Nick was likely to have done something bad. However, it had been so many years since that event
happened that it could only become a suspense.

"Because he tried to transfer the company funds into the private pocket but I discovered him. So I will
never trust him again after that."

Even the shares of the company were given only the smallest part to him.

But it's still not enough for him. Most of the shareholder dividend of Anna's will be given to her younger

Therefore, he had the right to refuse her unreasonable request. She had never brought much help to
his work. She even took his good brother to drag him down.

He earned a lot of money with his own schemes and foresight every month. He couldn't keep their
mouths shut.

"Darren, what are you thinking about?"

Joan shook his arm. He looked down at his wife and held her even tighter.

"It's your birthday a few days later. I have prepared a big gift for you! Come back early that night, okay?
" She knew she asked him the last thing he wanted to mention, so she quickly used this relaxing topic
to make him happy.

"My wife, everything prepared by you will be the best. But there is one thing, you are still a pregnant
woman. Don't take too much thought, and pay attention to protect yourself. Do you hear me?" With a
serious look, he said, "Every year I have my birthday. So it doesn't matter this year. Next year, we can
celebrate it together with our child."

Our baby.

Joan touched her flat belly in satisfaction. Not long ago, when she was still in prison, facing four walls,
she envied Jean's belly. At this moment, she had her own child.

And the baby belonged to the man who was bound to be a good husband!

However, she still had another worry that hadn't been solved. His family members refused to admit her
till now. But if her didn't appear at the wedding and his family members refused to appear, it would be a

"Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. No one can hurt you, and no one can stop us," he comforted softly,
as if he saw her through.

This was the first time that Austin had been standing alone in front of Anna.

"As a top student, the Department of architectural design won full scholarship every year, and many
well-known international awards have been awarded on a magazine."

With the thick file in her hand, Anna crossed her legs and threw it on the tea table in front of her, while
saying indifferently, "Austin, I asked you to investigate Joan. Is that what you found out for me? What
did you get from her? "

When Darren was a kid, he was always against his mother. In addition, he once accused her of being
too snobbish and doing a lot of things. In the end, he allowed himself to do whatever he wanted. Thus,

most people around him had a history in prison.

It was not a big deal that Austin worked in the Lu Company, not to mention that he used to come from a
little famous family.

If he had not been so young and reckless to do everything regardless of the consequences, how could
he have been reduced to doing business in their family now.

But as the daughter-in-law of the Gu family, she wouldn't allow her son to be willful to marry Joan.

"You have been in my family for so many years. I have been loyal to Ethan and the Lu clan because of
you. I have never troubled you or minded about your origin. But now, you are so partial to a woman
who has been put in jail. I can't help but doubt your intention."

"I can't I just let you two get away with each other because you were both in jail." these words hit Austin
like a sharp knife! He had been working for Darren for many years, and no one dared to humiliate him
in this way.

"Mrs. Lu, I respect you because I respect you as Darren's mother and a member of the Lu Company. I
heard your words and without further discussion, I gave you Miss Gu's information. This is all I can do."
He was neither overbearing nor servile to her.

It seemed that he had never treated her as his boss. She didn't care about the business her husband
owned, and what she liked was to play mahjong and keep beautiful.

"So, I hope you can have some self-respect, Mrs. Lu. If you have any other unreasonable requests, I
will tell Mr. Lu without hesitation and will not conceal it for you!"

After that, he turned around to leave, because he didn't want to tangle with Anna any more.

Then she burst into rage and jumped from the sofa. Fingers pointing at Austin's nose, she said, "You
have pissed your parents off. Since your parents have died, we have provided a meal for you. How
dare you be so rude to me? Do you think you can be reckless as long as Darren is here?"

No wonder Joan didn't want to move into their house, and Darren refused to go back home for a long
time. If he were in Joan's position, he would never go back.

Nick was good at taking advantage of loopholes. He heard the noise from upstairs and walked
downstairs with joy.

"You were my big brother's good buddy." He patted him tightly on the shoulder and continued, "You're
such a bully in the company. Just because my brother trusts you and now you even bully my mother
when you're here, do you want to die?"

After saying that, he wrinkled his collar with her fingers and tried his best to force him to take a step

But Austin stood still and said nothing.

"Don't you know my fighting skills? Or she just overestimated your ability? Except for Darren, no one
here has the right to speak ill of me. Whether it is you or your mother, I am just doing it for the sake of
Darren. " He cast a cold glance at Nick and said, "Why are you still unwilling to let me go?"

He put down his fingers in a decadent manner, as he had to flinch a little, for Austin was covered with
muscles. Nick had been woken up every day by eating and sleeping. Since all he had was fat, of
course he was no match for Austin.

"Since you despise me to such an extent, I'll tell you the truth." Austin was calm all the time. No one
could make him angry. But today he was really irritated by what this woman said, so he had to say

"Mrs. Lu thinks that it's your husband's support to develop our company. Even if you lead a lavish life at
home, you can still do whatever you want because you have a noble and powerful family, right?"

"Of course. In the whole S City, who dares to ignore me when they know I'm the wife of the Lu family?"

"Do you think so, Nick?"

He just glanced at him, which frightened the young master. He replied, "Yes, yes, why do you say

Fool. That was all he could think of.

"But in my opinion, you don't earn your respect. What makes you look in awe is Lu Company. As for
Joan, she is much more valuable than you, for she has earned her honor without the help of Darren Lu
but with her own ability," said Austin.

The two people almost looked at each other and didn't know what to say after hearing these words.


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