Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 20 Go To The Birthday Party With Me

The new working environment made Joan forget what had happened to her a few days ago. She
wondered if Darren prepared. The back of Joan's chair was a soft cushion, and she used it to cover the
wound on her back in a proper manner.

The colleagues got along well with each other. However, Joan could sense something wrong from their
expressions. They seemed to have something to say, but they were afraid of Joan.

But since she could have a job, it meant that she could earn money by her own hands. She was happy,
as if she had returned to the past. She was thinking that she would arrange a small flat near the
company and move out from the small apartment of Darren Lu.

All of a sudden, the telephone on her seat rang. She answered it at once and heard Selina's sweet and
polite voice, "Miss Gu, Mr. Lu invites you to his office."

'This man is indeed cunning. No wonder they all said in secret that Darren is a shrewd man and will
never pay you more salary than you are worth of.'. She pouted and stood up.

"Mr. Lu, are you looking for me?" It was like he was doing official business.

It was a gilded invitation card. "Open it." With his fingers still tapping on the keyboard, he said without
looking up.

Joan opened the invitation and took a look. It was the invitation to his grandfather's 70th birthday party,
which was held in the backyard of the villa of the Lu family.

"Don't do anything tonight. I'll take you to buy a proper dress."

She stared at her canvas shoes and lost in thought for a while. In this office building, she was indeed
like a little girl serving tea and water.

No wonder she was easygoing to everyone. Putting herself in other's shoes, she could feel the
easiness too. She was the only designer who came to work with plain cloth shoes.

She was so smart that she knew well that the only way to save her face was to wear expensive dress.
Although she got a new dress from her when she took part in the design competition that day, the dress
was so expensive that it was even not suitable to carry a shoe when standing next to Wesley's Armani.

Both his driver and his assistant worked in Prada, so as a Mrs. Lu named by Darren, she would not
disgrace him.

"Okay, I'll wait for you in the lobby after work."

His fingers froze, and he stared intently at the woman in front of him. "Why do you wait in the hall?
What are you hiding from?"

Joan didn't know why he had said that. She was just Darren's shield. Of course, she didn't want her
identity to become a hot topic. She said, "I just don't want my colleagues to think that I make it to work
here because of you."

"Didn't you? come to work here because of me?"

Did it mean that working for him really made her so embarrassed?

His joke, however, angered Joan. She said in a serious tone, "Mr. Lu, I failed to find a job and had no
other choice. You know it best. Without the dark history in the jail, I might not have disdained to work
for you. I'm a talent, not a vase with a foolishness. Please respect me."

She couldn't care less about other things but dignity.

"I think you may have misunderstood, Miss Gu. I remember that I seemed to have told you something
when we first met." "Yes, I said I'm not interested in women like you," said Darren, resting his fingers on

his temple and lost in thought for a long time

The door of Darren's office was slammed with a loud noise, which startled Selina who was standing
outside. The door had never been slammed before. What a horrible scene.

This woman always could make his heart blow to the point of explosion. He had always been used to
praise and obeying, but he had never been treated like this. It was simply unbearable.

He tried his best to relax and picked up a black folder at his hand. He opened two pages but couldn't
read a word, then he threw the folder on the desk.

There were only two women in the world who dared to behave like this in front of him. One was her,
and the other was the woman who had gone far away.

Back then, it was a big time for the Lu Company to expand its territory. He had put all his energy into
business. His younger brother, Nick Lu, was lazy. If he didn't grow up quickly, Lu Company would be
destroyed by the future.

In the eyes of outsiders, they thought that he wanted to overshadow his brother and to display his
competence by sacrificing himself to get the first position in the company. Otherwise, how could he
abandon anything else and give business priority. He changed a company which just gained a firm
foothold in the country to a well-known chain company all over the world.

Only he knew, in front of their doubts and misunderstandings, that everything was done for her. He
wanted to be a wing that could shelter her from wind and rain.

However, the result of such an effort was still a farewell. A proud man like him, had red eyes in the
airport. He tried hard to open his eyes wide to see the plane took off and disappeared into a blue sky.
He finally choked back his tears.

From then on, Darren could not smile anymore but became a ruthless tycoon in the business world.

"Mr. Lu, are you free after work?" The assistant made another cup of hot cappuccino for him while he
was in a daze. He didn't like cold coffee. If she forgot to change it, she would be the scapegoat for his
low mood today.

He glanced at Selina, picked up the lukewarm coffee and returned to his usual indifference. "Leave the
car to me tonight, and you go off work on time."

"Okay." Under the order, Selina was pardoned. She felt so happy as if there were 10000 rabbits inside
her. However, she still wore a polite smile on her face. She made it hard to tell what she was thinking.

After she walked out of the office, a smile slowly climbed up the corners of her mouth.

When she passed by the hall, she saw Joan sitting in a corner alone. She wanted to walk over and ask
if she needed any help. She stopped just after taking a few steps.

Never mind. It was not easy for her to get off work on time today. She could go to a party and watch a
movie. Eighty percent of the woman's affair was related to Mr. Lu.

It was a big trouble that nobody dared to cause.


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