Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 102 Growing Dejected

It had been a long time since she walked away. She passed a lot of hotels but did not notice them.
When she came back to her senses, she wondered why she hadn't found a hotel. At last, he found
herself lost in thought. She finally came to herself.

Joan used her ID card to check in, but she was too tired to sleep. 'why is he so ruthless?

She lived with him in the same house, but he didn't call her even if she stayed out all night. Was it true
that she was not a part of his life?

She took a look at her cell phone and found that she had turned on the silent mode, but didn't get any
call from him. She guessed that he hadn't gone home and didn't find her. She also wondered whether
Lola and he just talked with each other. She had been trying to find a reason for Darren.

Later, Joan even didn't have a rest and checked out directly, feeling depressed. But she didn't expect
that the danger outside the hotel would come.

"Ding Dong." A text message came.

Hoping that Darren could change his mind, Joan took out her phone from her pocket and began to
check the messages. Much to her surprise, she received a text message of 10086 rather than from

She checked her phone and found that there was no message or text from Darren. She also didn't get
any messages from him through Wechat or QQ. She thought that maybe Darren was really happy that
she went out.

The relationship between Darren and Lola was very sensitive to Joan. She was willing to spend more
time investigating and finding out the problem. If the pregnant Joan did not think highly of her husband,
how could she stand in this society? Just like a tree would fall down without roots.

She was infatuated with him, a kind of feeling which was as beautiful as setting sun in the evening
which could be dissipated at any time.

But she didn't need to think too much about it because it would ruin her future.

After he left, Joan followed him out. She walked on the street aimlessly and didn't know where to go.
Then she walked in the direction where he just disappeared. Joan believed that as long as she walked
ahead, she could find her love.

On the street, Joan looked around like a lost soul. She looked at the pedestrians, looking in each shop,
but not see him. It was not easy to find someone familiar in such a big city. They might walk away
passing each other at any time.

The sun slowly went down. Joan was still looking for him, and she believed that she could find him.

Night fell and the city was lit up. The city was lit up one after another by numerous lights.

In this beautiful city, walking on the strange but familiar street, Joan felt that the air was quite empty,
cold and full of a lot of helpless feelings.

At night, Joan wandered alone in the street. She felt confused about the world and helpless. She hoped
that he could stand in front of her and take her hand. "Dear Joan, come home with me!"

However, it was just a dream and was difficult to realize. 'if Darren could be as excellent as this, I
wouldn't have to look for him everywhere on the street in this cold night, ' she thought.

"Alas, if only... If only... If only they could be together!" Joan said, laughing. Her smile was sad and
beautiful, yet helpless. She looked helplessly at the bright stars in the sky. They were too dazzling to be

Things were just like this. There was no turning back. If there were so many chances, the world had
already changed.

What had happened to her before was a big blow to her, but she didn't have to blame it. This was life.
She was just a pawn in this world and she couldn't get rid of it.

In this life, what she could do was only to move forward. No one could control the world.

There were a lot of pedestrians on the street. The stores were brightly lit, and the noise of the night
market was filled with a scent that did not exist in the daytime. It was an instant that belonged to

In the meantime, Joan saw the street corner cafe. Darren and Lola sat opposite. They were talking
about something interesting. Both of them seemed to be full of a faint, elegant and high-end smell. His
eyes were as bright as stars and as beautiful as the twinkling stars. He stared at Lola who sat opposite
him, and it seemed that he was looking at a prey. The expression on his face was tough but tender. HIs
expression was ferocious. No one could confront him.

Lola's face flushed as she remained silent. She talked about their past, smiling and annoyed
sometimes. She was like a flower, they were perfect man and beautiful woman, Joan was stunned with

She was so beautiful that the customers in the coffee shop paid much attention to her. They paid no
attention to others.

He was the right person for Lola. Their coordination was so perfect, like an irresistible temptation filling

up her heart.

No one could deny that these wonderful lives. They were all drunk.

Darren gently touched Lola's left hand with a smile on his face. He looked gentle and elegant, full of
charm. It was a natural charm to women. With his handsome face, sunny hair, kind smile and friendly
attitude, how many people would be willing to refuse? He touched Lola's left hand affectionately.

Everyone thought that they were born to be a couple, a perfect match.

Only Darren Lu knew what was on his mind and how much he wanted her to trust him.

Lola looked beautiful and the curved eyebrows were embellished, making her more attractive. Then
she smiled and pulled her collar down when she saw Joan.

His eyes glittered with excitement. He was glad that Lola liked him.

All of a sudden, Joan felt an inexplicable aversion in her heart.

It was like standing in front of a pile of dung. Who wanted to be buried in it?

The handsome man in front of her was just a bunch of roses, which were full of scars and didn't
deserve any nutrition.

Who can explain these things clearly? She was just looking at him powerlessly

Sometimes, she felt tired and confused.

However, she would never give up something she once had.

Joan didn't want to see them anymore. Darren disgusted her. She hated him so much that she could
not speak clearly. She couldn't wait to tear up the two bitches.

With her strong will, Joan wouldn't be disturbed by these trivial things. She just didn't want to stay here
and be influenced by these disgusting things.

Suddenly, Joan felt very depressed with a feeling of disgust growing.

Joan was still pregnant. In her eyes, Lola hated her so much that she even tried to take Darren away
from her. It was unimaginable. Her disgust towards her could be seen not only from the outside.

It was a genuine disgust and hatred. At the same time, she felt a little disappointed when she needed
him most, but he wasn't there with her. 'The only thing that can accompany me is the void?

If it weren't for the child in my belly, would he still want me? ' Would Darren and her still be happy?
These were like bubbles, which could be destroyed at any time.

If it weren't for the fact that she couldn't leave now, Joan would have turned around and left.

"Humph! The shameless couple!" Scolded Joan, glaring at them.

The story between Darren and Lola was outrageous. It was the last thing Joan wanted to see. She had
no idea what was going on.

'He just doesn't like me.

Joan turned around and left. She had done nothing to do, but she didn't want to pay attention to them.
She just wanted to leave, quietly.

She thought about it silently and said to her child, "good baby. Blame

mommy for not being able to get your daddy's love and affection. Maybe mommy will take you away
from your daddy. Don't worry. Mommy will definitely not let them have a good time. Remember that
woman is the one who took daddy away from you."

The stars were misty and cloudy at night. Although it didn't rain, they made the night look absolutely

No one knew that Joan was angry when she saw her husband chatting casually with another woman in
the cafe.

Why the people in this world were so unreasonable? They didn't care about the people who cared
about them at all. The people around them were always sad and shed tears for a moment of

On the street, many people passed by, but none of them was acquainted with her. They were all
strangers. These people always looked at her indifferently, and they even looked at her coldly.

If the God could not let people cherish, why should he let people be so engrossed in their love! She felt
so heavy and depressed in her heart. No one could ever hurt her and make her lose everything.

Wandering around the street, she didn't know where she could go.


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