Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 37 Mrs. Lu (Part Two)

"Joan, don't you think I was too cruel?"

It sounded like a common sentence, but in his eyes, it meant a lot.

There was expectation, even trepidation in his eyes.

"Of course not." She replied: "What you do is the most common thing in the business world. When my
father was alive, he also told me that mercy to your opponents is cruelty to yourself. That's all. It's
normal means. There's nothing to feel bad about."

"You know what I mean," said Darren with a serious look.

Do you think I'm a horrible person when I deal with Scott like this?

As the food became less, the straw on which Tabitha was holding was left with teeth marks.

Both of them were pure and had a subtle spiritual sense.

It seemed that the burden on Joan's work had been piled up overnight. Selina had skimmed through
the piles of copies of various companies. At last, she had to work for at least a month before she could
finish them.

She had no complaint. Exhaustion was better than wasting time. She had experienced much more
hardship in prison than this. The box cover job in the daytime and the labor at night were hard. This
was merely mental work. She didn't suffer at all.

However, Darren Lu didn't want to make her tired at all. When he saw Joan busy working, he made
some adjustment. Selina Zhang gave her a new worktable in the afternoon. Although it was full, it was
divided by breaks.

"Mr. Lu, you don't have to take care of me. I'm not tired at all. When I was in prison..."

"Don't say anything more about that. I don't want to know." Darren commanded sternly.

His anger made Joan feel warm. Was it because the room was too warm? She felt like walking on air.

"Remember your identity. You are in the Lu Company and your are the chief designer here. You are still
my girlfriend in front of other people. You'd better forget all the dark past. There is no such thing in your
world in the future!"

He waved his hand and said, "Go ahead with your work. Remember what I said."

He was protecting her from physical or mental trauma in his own way.

It was quiet in Gu family's flat. The sound of playing mahjong upstairs didn't decrease at all, but Celia's
voice was less noisy downstairs.

Laura felt like her daughter was out of her mind. At night, she suddenly became quiet. She stayed at
home for a whole day, without going out, smoking, or bouncing. More importantly, she had changed her
dissolute style and refused to hang out with Brooke.

Brooke was used to flattering. Celia didn't contact him actively all of a sudden. She even refused her
invitation with excuses.

"Celia, what's wrong with you?" Laura screamed harshly and scolded upstairs, "Who do you think you
are? You didn't cherish Brooke so you are destined to be dumped. "

Thinking of that she became more and more unlucky recently, and also felt a little annoyed when losing
money, her disappointing daughter had lost her source of money again.

"Money, money, you will die on this word one day!"

A hard object fell from the sky and broke her forehead. "How dare you! How can you curse me like that
when you talk to your own mother? "

After that night with the help of Joan, Celia had thought a lot when she had fled home. So when Laura
asked her about the bank card, she told her she gave it back frankly.

That was why Laura felt that she was poisoned by someone. There was a large sum of money in the
card. She asked for the password from that little bitch in the morning, but she came back at night just
like an eggplant with frost, telling her that she returned the credit card to that bitch.

Then what would she spend in gambling in the future if she lost again.

Laura was wearing a suit of glamorous red. As her daughter was so disappointing, she had to attend in
person. She was afraid of being alienated by the wives of the rich families.

Mrs. Lu, in particular, Laura had recently heard that she was distressed by her son's marriage. It was
said that the daughter of the Su family that she had tried her best to select for her son. Miss Su was a
woman with a good figure, but he did not like that style. He liked the way his ex-girlfriend was.

She peeked at the picture she showed to those ladies. The girl looked like Joan a lot, but from the part
of her chin, she looked more like her own daughter.

Especially the charming eyes in the photo were the same as Celia's. she had already made a plan in
her mind that she would deliberately lose to Mrs. Lu in several rounds to flatter her.

This was a trick between women. But on second thought, it might be good to let her daughter stay at
home for a few days, lest she would be disdained by the Lu family.

The Lu family's enterprise was the leading enterprise in S City. Even her former son-in-law, Scott was
not as rich as him. If Celia could win this game, she would have nothing to worry about for the rest of

her life.

"I made an appointment with Mrs. Lu and some other ladies to play cards tonight. You can go out and
buy some nice tea cakes. Remember to wear some beautiful clothes and be happier. I call someone to
see you!"

"Why?" Celia didn't even lift her eyes. It seemed that she was not interested.

Her smile was like a blooming flower in the spring, which could not be kept away. She sat on the arm of
the sofa like a kind mother and put her arm around Celia's shoulder.


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