Novel Name : The Unexpected Marriage

Chapter 23 Parted In Discord

But she had to admit that Abbott was really good at this. Her plain face had become bright now. Joan
lost her confidence for a long time and

now it came back little by little. When she got out of the car, she held Darren's arm, without shaking for
the first time.

He took her to the champagne area and told her that he saw a few old friends and would be back soon.

With a gentle smile, Joan picked up a glass of champagne and took a sip. Several women whispered to
each other, and Joan heard them.

"She came here with Darren on her arm. Guess who she is?"

"Humph, who do you think she is? She looks like a human. But who knows what kind of beast she
could be without her dress?"

The woman must be the wife of some famous entrepreneur at the banquet. Her Tiffany ring was shining
in the sun. She didn't bother to argue with them, so she walked away.

"Mom, Grandpa, she is my girlfriend." Darren and his family walked towards Joan leisurely and
casually. Joanna stood there, feeling that they were getting more and more dazzling under the
sunshine. He naturally stood beside Joan and put his arm around her shoulder.

Joan was flattered. This was not part of what she had expected.

He looked at her and then turned not to face his family, the media.

"Joan, Miss Gu, she is my girlfriend. So to speak, she is my fiancée." After saying that, he looked at
Joan and gave her a glance.

The expression in his eyes was so warm that Joan felt as if it was real. Joan had been acting
abnormally today that she was at a loss.

Joan smiled as naturally as she could. Sharp-eyed reporters found out that she stayed by Mr. Lu's side
for three times in a row. It seemed that the rumor was true. Joan must have defeated the daughter of
the Su family and would soon marry into the Lu family.

It was said that the woman had a very deep connection with Scott of the Jian family. He was once
married with him, and she had been put in jail before.

It was a legend that such a woman could walk out of prison safely. How could she attract Mr. Lu?

The Lu family were all silent. Darren's grandpa hit the walking stick heavily and left the party without
saying anything. His mom and the maid who came to support him were driven away angrily.

"Darren, you are such a stubborn man and you have your own ideas now. You have never listened to
me, have you?" That's the last sentence grandpa said when he shut himself in the study.

Nick smiled and acted as if he didn't see them.

It seemed that everyone here treated her as an enemy, except for the man standing next to her. She
felt confused and poked in his waist, trying to get an answer.

Surprisingly, the man in front of her remained silent. He didn't say anything. Instead, he managed to
smile and took her to the dinner party. But Joan felt her hand was held more tightly this time, as if he
was trying to hide some emotion from her.

The party lost its fun. Darren said thanks to her for the first time when he sent her home.

"I'm sorry." It seemed that it was the first time for him to apologize to a woman.

He must have many secrets. But Joan didn't know much about him, nor did she want to explore his
story. Now she only cared about the company. What had happened to her dearest father? She wouldn't
let that vicious man go.

She patted his shoulder and said, "It doesn't matter. This is what I should do. I'm going upstairs."

"Miss Gu." He called her the moment she got off the car. "Now that you have been exposed today,
tomorrow there will be various financial newspapers and magazines putting pictures of us on the most
eye-catching position, and our colleagues will definitely know your true identity."

"What do you want to say?" Joan asked in shock.

It was the first time that Darren didn't make fun of her. He said in a relaxed tone, "Don't be nervous. I
just want to ask you if you can have lunch with me in the company and do not hide yourself."

"Have lunch?" Joan asked without knowing why.

"Yes, just eat."

It seemed that it was a good deal. Someone paid the bill. She just needed to sit there and eat.

Joan turned around and went upstairs. She put the peony into a drawer in the innermost drawer of the
bedside table. She pretended to be Mrs. Lu, but in reality she was just a plain woman.

She needed to wake herself up all the time that she couldn't be at ease. There were so many things
she needed to find out, one by one.

The water from the shower head sprayed on her skin and she felt comfortable. She had a habit that
she liked to write his name on the steam filled glass in the shower.

Scott... Scott... She always complained about the word "Scott" when she wrote it. It was too hard for
her to write. She thought it looked bad. She mumbled in the bathroom.

After a while, it occurred to her that day, she was holding a delicate gift box with a limited-edition watch
in it. With an expectant look, she put on a sexy low cut dress and went to a city he went on a business
trip to find him.

It happened to be raining in that city the other day. Joan didn't wear much, so she just put her arms
around her shoulders. But thinking that he might be moved by her, or even give her a sweet kiss, she
felt better.

However, when she pushed the door open, she cried out "Happy Birthday" like an idiot. The room was

When the vapor of the water gathered, she lied in the bathtub and closed her eyes. She would never
forget that her most trusted husband had turned around to come out of a strange woman's body and
looked at her in disgust and anger.

"Joan, what brings you here?"

"Joan, get out!"

She raised her hand and turned off the tap. She stayed in the bathtub till the water was cold.

Uncle Fred's words that day had always been like a thorn stabbing in her heart. She was in darkness,
surrounded by dangerous people, but it was far from the cold gun and arrow her father had faced in the
business world.

He couldn't imagine what her father had suffered when she was in jail. He lost her daughter and his
company. Even the son-in-law he trusted all the time was against him?

Joan was cold like being thrown into an icy cave.

Joan fell asleep in a few minutes. His phone call disturbed him. He turned around after seeing Joan off.

With a dark face, Anna An sat under the chandelier in the living room. The soft light couldn't hide her
anger on her face. She was furious at the moment she saw Darren at the door changing his shoes and
walking in.

"Where is Grandpa? He told me that he wanted to see me. What's the matter? "

"Do you still remember that you have a grandpa? Do you still know that we are your family?" After that,
Anna An put on her slippers and came over. Darren was not a kid any more. Over the past few years,
he grew up as fast as bamboo shoots, becoming a head taller than his younger brother, Nick.

When his mother talked to him, she had to look up at him. She was still mad at him for the unexpected
woman at the party. She crossed her arms and stood in front of him.

"Who is that woman?"

"Mom, you know the answer. I have introduced her to you in front of everyone. Her name is Joan Gu,
and she is my girlfriend." He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Haven't you always been urging me to
find a girlfriend to carry on the family name of Lu family? I brought her back today. How could you be
mad at me? "

Perhaps it was the common character of all great families. Father and son were different from father
and son, and grandfather and son were different from grandpa and grandson. It seemed that they were
negotiating and admonishing. It was impossible to say something peacefully.

In Darren's memory, he had never been held in the arms of his mother, or played with her on the knees.
His younger brother, Nick, was better than him, but because of his excessive love and care for his

younger brother, he was now lazy at anything, and also jealous of others.

It was also because of that that that he hadn't been home for a long time. Anna An knew her son well.
Seeing that he was about to leave, she softened her tone and said, "I'm not saying no, it's just that it's
not appropriate. Since Zoey has a good relationship with our family for generations, she is the best

"Inappropriate?" "You think she has no money, don't you?" Darren chuckled all of a sudden.

When Anna An's secret was exposed, she raised her voice boldly, "Yes, that's right. We are from the Lu
family. Can we marry anyone I want? Other people don't know why, but we do know. The face of her is
clearly... "

"Enough!" He never worried about confronting an elder and will not let others defame the person he
cared about.

But after all, he was still reasonable and said nothing. He stood there with his hands down.

"Every time Darren comes home, his is so loud. It's hard not to know."

A young man in a baseball hat with red earphones jumped out from the second floor, which made
Darren frown. He stretched one of his fingers and hooked his earphones down. "You're an adult, and
no one taught you not to wear the earphone when you talk to others. That would be very impolite. In
this way, you have been so shameless to ask me to give over the shares. "

Obviously, Anna An was more fond of her youngest son. "Darren, calm down. After all, he is your

Younger brother? Darren Lu stared coldly at his so-called brother. It seemed like he wanted to see
through his little brother. Darren Lu had a lot of ups and downs around him just because he was

worried about handing business to him and refused to give him an official position.

Therefore, he had been holding a grudge against him and didn't respect him from the bottom of his
heart at all.


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